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360MC Power Workshop

During the workshop we looked through the learning objectives for this course and what it is we can do in order to pass, these are the key bits I picked up on and noted:


– Keeping my blog up to date and post regularly and show interaction with module content.
– Make sure I keep a record and evidence my sources of inspiration, my idea development, and respond to action within the course.


– Evidence my research and development when creating artefacts and talk about my ides and the process I went through in order to get my final product.


– Reflect critically on course content and themes using media and cultural theories as back up.

– Don’t just describe what I have done, analyse and reflect critically upon it, context and theory wise.

– When reflecting, reflect in relation to my chosen field that being television. What skills and lessons learnt are key to this industry.


– Make sure my blog is organised and everything is tagged and categorised correctly.

– Evidence the process from proposal to final idea, detailing decisions and conclusions made during.

All of these learning objectives interlink, however, the biggest one I need to focus on is LO3 as this is where a lot of the detail comes in.

Once we kicked of on the theme of Power we focused in on words that are seen or taken as offensive, this meant swear words in all their forms, racial abuse, sexual abuse words, homophobic words and general abusive language. We all had a good laugh doing so but what is humorous to some may be abusive and offensive to others, making them feel worthless and most of all powerless. What gives others the power to do this? Can we look to comedians to blame, do they make it socially acceptable to make fun of others, be abusive and offensive all in the name of comedy?

We were given a list of words to go away with and come up with other words that connect us to the word. In this case the words were feelings and I have now come up with a list of words that makes people feel this way.


























All of these word connections can be explained further and they may not be what they seem but the word I have written is either the first word that came to mind or the word that best describes that feeling.


360MC/361MC 11/10/12 Workshop – Pitches 360MC

Today we were able to pitch to the rest our our group, though as there were so many of us, instead of pitching all three we just pitched our best or favourite one.

I decided to pitch my idea that I had chosen, as this is the one I have most vision for and can see coming together really well.

  • A short film where in a mind is completely lost, and a life defying decision is made.
  • The film will be different in the sense that it will be based on a true story, and address serious issues that people deal with a lot more than we think. It will show the thoughts and actions of someone on the road to mental instability and how drastic their actions then become once mentally unstable. As this is a drama I think it allows for a wide audience and will capture them with a heart breaking and compelling true story.
  • Possibly filmed in the style of the film the ‘Arbour’ and possibly a cycle narrative.

After hearing everyone else pitch and share their ideas, for some reason I was unsure about mine as I have a problem sometimes in believing in myself, work and my ideas but this is why we do things like this, maybe not to boost your confidence as such but to give you some constructive criticism good or bad so that you can go away and improve.

I got some really good feedback and everyone really liked the idea, more so the fact that it’s based on a true story than anything, but I was told to make sure that so long as the true story has a story to it base it entirely on that but if it doesn’t always choose story over truth. Meaning I can base it on the true story but if it doesn’t tell enough of a story I shouldn’t be afraid to twist and tweak it so that it’s only based loosely on the true story.

I also got a good research tip as I was told it is mental health week this week so I will be looking into that and carrying out further research.

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