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305MC – Spectacle – Task 2

For this weeks take away task, we had to think about the summer riots of 2011 answering whether we think it was a spectacle or whether it was in opposition to spectacle, and then create a script between two people where one person is arguing for the riots and the other is arguing against.

Here’s what we came up with:

Were the summer riots a spectacle or were they in opposition too the spectacle?


It didn’t start out as a spectacle. Bit the media made it a spectacle, they emphasised/escalated the matter and others saw that and used it as an excuse to do the same.


Spectacle is highly memorable and lodges in the brain.


A spectacle is something you watch not take part in, while you are watching you are passive, however, people watched the riots and then took part, and therefore were not passive.


Script For the Summer Riots. Gov.  – Against Dove


Gov: The riots started out as a protest against police treatment towards Mark Duggan, opening fire against him whilst getting out the taxi innocently.


Dove: He was hardly innocent, he was under investigation for gun crime and had a loaded gun in his possession at the time.


Gov: The gun he was carrying wasn’t fired in any attempt at the police, it was blatantly a cover by the police in saying so, because the bullet found lodged in the policeman’s radio was in actual fact from a fellow policeman’s gun.


Dove: The police have a right to open fire on anyone who they believe is a danger to society.


Gov: They shot him because he was black and he was carrying a gun.


Dove: Why was he carrying a gun in the first place? This just shows that he was going to cause disruption to others.


Gov: When you live in certain areas of London certain personal precautions are essential.


Dove: The police are there to protect you and there is no reason for people to carry weapons unnecessarily. The police did what they are trained to do and what they thought was right.


Gov: Like you said the police have a right to take someone down, but they actually shot him dead whilst he was lying on the floor from the first shot. They had no right to take his life, when they had already taken him down.


Dove: Why does something like this need to spark riots across the country? Most people don’t know who Mark Duggan was or what the reasoning behind the whole riot process was.


Gov: It was firstly to highlight that this was a racial attack from the police, he hadn’t actually done anything wrong at this point in time, hence the reason why they was a big uproar.


Dove: There is no reason why a situation like this should cause people to carry out criminal damage, such as burning cars, looting, destroying shops.


Gov: If it didn’t turn into the spectacle that it was, no one would have known who Mark Duggan was or what the police did.


Dove: Everyone’s been a victim of the riots even those who didn’t take part and looking back at it no one has benefited from any of it have they? It’s all now been swept under the carpet, and it hasn’t been in the public eye since March when the official inquiry into the riots submitted its final report.


305MC – Memory Lecture – Task 1

So kicking of the second group lecture and workshop was quite simple, this week we were looking at embodied memories.

Embodied memories from a psychological term means that your mind acts as a container to keep memories important to you at the time inside and locked up, basically running your own lifestyle of them. It allows to keep collecting similar memories and this is where the themes of ritual and repetitivness come into play.

From here in our workshops we looked at possible concepts of ideologies and connotations from the media we see and how this is structured and ordered. For example if we were watching ‘The Dark Knight’ which is an action thriller and you grew to like it and thought ti was an excellent film the  you will remember it, then anytime the slightest hint at a connection to that film you will be interest in i.e the sequel ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. This works generally in all forms of media as well as general topics, ideologies of subjects, themes and genres contain structure and order to personal interests and this is what the audiences are attracted to, thus creating different people with different tastes.

The main themes we studied in the lecture before we got into our workshop were:

  • Rituals
  • Schizophrenia
  • Memory
  • Language
  • Rites
  • Ceremonies

Now with these main themes we drew up we had to connect them to the following questions we were given,:

  1. What do i understand by Jameson’s statement that the formation of a stable identity (i.e a non schizoid) depends on the persistence of the i over the collective memory?
  2. What role does memory have to play in the formation of a non schizoid identity?
  3. How does Jameson use the term Nostalgia

So with the questions given and the research part done time to complete our task, as group we decided to allocate 2 people to each question. i got given question:

  1. What do i understand by Jameson’s statement that the formation of a stable identity (i.e a non schizoid) depends on the persistence of the i over the collective memory?

Now thats a big question too answer in one go so what i decided to do was break it up and this became the new question, ‘understand Jameson’s formation of a stable mind mind, depends on the persistence of themselves rather than other memories’. I simplified the question because it was quite confusing. To begin with i found out what schizophrenia is and it is the breakdown of thought processes by poor emotion responses. i then combined that with collective memory which means the shared pool of thoughts of two or more members.

So with the information for the answer found i had to combine t and write my answer and i came to find that there is no such thing as a stable mind because everyone is different. Now in terms of keeping  stable mind if you stay in your own world full of your own rituals, your own questions and your own life, then potentially you keep your mind because you are persisting about yourself. Schizophrenia from research that i mentioned before is the breakdown of thought processes and a collective memory is a shred pool of thoughts, so essentially if you are not living yourself with your own thoughts, then they will be replaced by a collection of other thoughts thus creating split personalities. overall it is a very confusing question but the question simply wants to know that you have a stable mind wondering about yourself rather than others, so we care about our OWN world before others.



305MC – Spectacle Lecture – Task 1

Identify one contemporary spectacle and answer the following questions and present in a spectacular way:

*Contemporary Spectacle

– Gordon Brown calling the woman a “bigot”

*Who provides it?

– Gordon Brown the individual and Sky news as the institution.

*Who consumes it?

– Political follows and people who watch the news

*Who are they not looking at? E.g who are they hiding it from?

– They are not looking at the fact that Sky news left the micro phone on, and no one telling Gordon Brown it is still on him. What are the chances that they are still recording.

*What are they distracting people from looking at?

– David Cameron and Nick Clegg and their false promises (opposing political parties)

*What happens if they weren’t distracted from that mechanism?

– Labour would of been most likely to win.

*What might we do to stop them looking at the spectacle and look at reality instead?

– The fact that he called the woman a bigot shows he is still human.

*Is that a good thing to do? What is good or bad about that?

– It is a good thing because the public can relate to Gordon Brown in the sense that everyone has their own opinion about someone and don’t expect to be heard.

– The bad thing is that something that is normal and is reality gets over exaggerated.

We had the video clip of Brown on mute in the background, and chose to do a re-enactment of the Brown incident but twist it to make it look like a set up in order to get our point across. So after the conversation with the ‘bigoted woman’ we had one person as Sky News to tell Brown’s P.A to make sure he keeps his microphone turned on. Then at the end two of us pretended to be news reporters and said ‘This is BBC reporting, we are middle class conservatives, and this report benefits us’ in order to show that the news is full of middle class conservatives and therefore the choice to air this ‘mishap’ was not given a second thought.

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