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5D Pros and Cons…Yes they really exist!

We have now entered our third year and with that comes a step up in equipment. Today we had a skills session for the Canon 5D mark II’s which was exciting as they give a very high quality looking image at 21.1 megapixels. Having used a 7D whilst in Madrid I got to see the quality difference from other canon DSLR’s I have used, the quality is of course very good but having filmed my short on a 7D I know that the sound quality isn’t brilliant, however, we only used the sound for background and ambience as we had a voice over.

Knowing this I was curious to see what the 5D’s had to offer, and as we allowed to go off and have a play with it I found that it was not too dissimilar from the 7D I had used previously, with the buttons and functions pretty much in the same place and it’s ability to shoot video, so finding your way around the settings and generally setting up the camera wasn’t too hard.

The 5D is a beautifully crafted camera, any photographer’s dream with its full frame and large sensor 36mm x 24mm for maximum control over depth of field, and an ISO specifically good for low light shots meaning you can get great dark meaningful images and profiles, however, this isn’t so good for the enthusiastic film maker. There are plenty of pro’s and con’s when it comes to the 5D, brilliant for photography and video if it’s short, silent, and in most cases low in light.

For example;

White Balance

The white balance on this camera only has one custom setting meaning if you are filming in lots of different locations it’s going to be a pain as you will have to reset the white balance each time as opposed to having an A and B custom white balance already set for your locations.


Although it records sound it isn’t the best quality and once your levels are set you can not adjust them when recording. There is of course a hotshoe to hold a microphone that’s connected externally to the 3.5mm jack, but even then there is no headphone jack which means you can’t listen to what you are recording.


There is no built in neutral density (ND) filter these have to be bought separately, which means that if you are filming in bright conditions and your aperture is at it’s smallest you are going to have an image that is overexposed (not shown by zebra lines as with other video cameras) and greater depth of field. Even though we have a fabulously large sensor that allows us to look more professional with a shallower depth of field, the quality is downsampled into HD resolution which can mean that when shooting video detailed images may become fixed with lines as the original image is undersampled.


The 5D mark II is water and dust resistant but works best in temperatures 0-40°C with 85% or less humidity and may become overheated and noisy if used at a higher temperature. If used in cold conditions you compromise the battery life as that decreases from 850 at room temperature to 750 at 0 °C, however, if capturing video in 16 x 9 (1920 x 1080) you will only film for 12 minutes before having to change the memory card, meaning you waste more time and battery!


The Canon 5D mark II is without a doubt an improvement in many ways but from my research you can see that there just as many downfalls which is a disappointment for a camera that was hyped up so much, the best features of this camera is its size, weight, image quality and water resistance, though I wouldn’t recommend taking a grand’s worth piece of equipment into disastrous weather conditions. Though it’s larger sensor is a bit of a downfall it can be amazing for cinematography and I can see me using this for the dark and cinematic parts of my fmp short film.

Take a look at these videos I found;

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