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Pitch + Proposal for the 3 themed ideas.

Pitch – A pitch is a one sentence summary of your idea. This is not a narrative description of the story but a statement that encapsulates the sense of story.  Watch movie trailers and tv trailers for inspiration.

Proposal – This is a more detailed paragraph outlining your idea.  Again this should not be a description of the narrative.  Your proposal should sell the project to the intended audience.  Tell us what is different about the story you want to tell (it might be the subject matter, it might be the treatment) and why is it important (USP – the unique selling point). What genre does your idea belong to (context) and who will want to watch it (distribution)?

I have used my summer task as inspiration and developed upon them.


  • A monologue performance given entirely with heart and true emotion, captured as a short drama.
  • A  performance based around the spectacle of being different and standing out from the crowd, all captured on film. It will show the feelings and emotions of someone who has a choice to stand out and be different, swapped and entwined with someone who has no choice in the matter. The unique selling point is that it is both a stage performance and on screen performance about what most if not all of us try to do (be different) and yet give another perspective. The audience will mainly be drama based and bring in lovers of theatrical and stage performances.


  • A documentary following the lives of ordinary women who behind closed doors have more power and strength than you would imagine.
  • This documentary will show how not to judge a book by it’s cover. As we all know women all over the U.K are attacked daily, mugged, raped, beaten up etc. and a lot of the time it is to do with how approachable or how weak a woman looks. We’ll find women who look like this but are in fact involved in some form of martial art, and those who aren’t we’ll turn into defence masters of the night, so that they are confident in standing up for themselves and never be mistaken for a feeble woman again. The main audience will be women and young girls as they may learn a tip or two on how to defend themselves, but there may also be males who will enjoy watching this to poke fun at the women. This is not about fighting and violence it is all about self defence.


  • A short film where in a mind is completely lost, and a life defying decision is made.
  • The film will be different in the sense that it will be based on a true story, and address serious issues that people deal with a lot more than we think. It will show the thoughts and actions of someone on the road to mental instability and how drastic their actions then become once mentally unstable. As this is a drama I think it allows for a wide audience and will capture them with a heart breaking and compelling true story.
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