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360MC Spectacle Artefact Idea

When we look at Spectacle we think of things that people watch rather than take part, but what if we did take part, what if we were the spectacle? This exact question has triggered my idea for my Spectacle artefact, be it to look at the spectacle of time and transformation over time, in particular the ever famous company Apple and how it has evolved and transformed over time.  Taking into consideration this time around these obstructions, my idea will play with reality, and take from Guy Debord’s ‘Society of Spectacle’:

– You MUST play with reality
– You MUST take your inspiration from one of the propositions in
Guy Debords ‘Society of the Spectacle’ or from the ideas of
Jean Baudrillard (see moodle for links to articles)
– It MUST NOT be a technical exercise- Your starting point should
be an idea, not a technique. You must say something that is
– If you borrow actual content (music, images, film) from other
artists it must be openly licensed or you must have permission
to use it
– No series of still images or found footage.

I plan to have a series of printed pages showing the timeline of Apple, with the last page asking where will Apple be in twenty years and answering this by making up a futuristic Apple product, something that seems unrealistic as the iPhone seemed to us us years ago. I may or may not add a second part where you can see what the product does, which will be to transport you into a different world forcing the audience to think about reality.

I will be drawing from my interpretation of these Guy Debord passages:


‘Pseudo­cyclical time is a time transformed by industry. The time founded on commodity production
is itself a consumable commodity, recombining everything which, during the period of the old
unitary society’s disintegration, had become distinct: private life, economic life, political life. The
entirety of the consumable time of modern society ends up being treated as raw material for the
production of a diversity of new products to be put on the market as socially controlled uses of time.
“A product, though ready for immediate consumption, may nevertheless serve as raw material for a
further product” ( Capital).’


‘Innovation is ever present in the process of the production of things. This is not true of
consumption, which is never anything but more of the same. Because dead labour continues to
dominate living labour, in spectacular time the past continues to dominate the present.’


‘In contrast to the passing fashions that clash and fuse on the frivolous surface of a contemplated
pseudo-cyclical time, the grand style of our era can ever be recognized in whatever is governed by
the obvious yet carefully concealed necessity for revolution.’

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