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FOR ASSESSMENT *360MC Spectacle Artefact – Evaluation/Reflection

Final Spectacle Artefact

Overall I think this artefact has challenged me mentally more than physically as I had to think a lot about being within the brief, and one of the obstructions in particular was challenging as we had to draw from the theories of either Guy Debord or Baudrillard and when reading them I felt like they were going over my head and I wasn’t quite grasping their meanings. Once I had an idea I read through the theories again and fit my idea and three of the theories together which was a revelation as those theories suddenly had more meaning than ever in regards to my idea.

I managed to produce something that I think is engaging despite having the set back of not being able to add in my eyes what was going to be the best part of my piece which was the parody. I have learnt so much through the process of this piece as if I had not filmed my original idea when I did and just relied upon making the parody I would not of had any material to gain feedback for, and I find feedback is essential for me to go away and develop not only my work but myself as well.

I am pleased with my artefact and although I was nervous about showing it because I thought people may have thought it was boring, or too slowly paced, I received positive feedback saying it was interesting, engaging, and the pacing was just right and the only thing to think about was re-framing some of the shots. I was more than happy to hear this feedback and I should have more confidence in my work than I do.

There were some minor problems alongside not being able to film the parody, which was compressing my footage as when compressed it was still too big to fit on Vimeo, I managed to overcome this by exporting the footage from iMovie. Eventually when I looked at the uploaded video it had lost some quality and looked a little grey and grainy, which I then fixed when exporting my new  re-edited footage. I also learnt how to create a codec in compressor for Vimeo as once again when exported my re-edit file was too big and compressor wasn’t able to make it small enough and so I had to find out how to do this manually. There was also some unnecessary time wasted transferring footage to and from my hard drive, but in hindsight this couldn’t be helped.

With this artefact I have again kept to the brief and acted upon feedback I had been given in order to develop my work, which shows my attitude towards bettering myself and my work. I have challenged my mind more than my technical skills with this piece although I have learnt some new technical aspects in post-production, and learnt that it is always a good thing to have a back up plan!


360MC Power Artefact – Evaluation

Original – Power – Money   Re-edit – Power – Money Re-edit

The message that I wanted to get across was that others get it easier than some in terms of making a breakthrough into the work industry of top jobs, pointing out that this could be down to money and the royalties that come with it as such like good contacts, I then wanted to relate this to my own field (the media industry) and tried to incorporate images to represent this. Instead of pointing out to the audience that it’s all about money I wanted to make it more subtle and include an element of a deeper thought process, meaning that some could see it was about struggling in life verses those who have an easy ride, not necessarily the rich. I think I achieved this well through my images as I picked simple everyday things and situations that would occur making it easier for the audience to relate to and identify the meaning behind it, rather than just telling them hence the reason for not directly showing money.

Once I had inspiration my idea came quickly and I was able to manage my time well, getting the majority of shots done on one day and editing them the next, and then shooting the rest of the shots and adding them to the edit. Over the course of four days I had shot and edited my piece taking into consideration what music I wanted to accompany it and this wasn’t hard as from my research I had already listened to spoken word music and knew this was what I was going for. The song I chose ‘Problems’ talks directly about money and how it is the root of all problems, this makes it obvious to the audience about the message of money, though without the music you see the message of the struggles of life, so for me conjoining the two made sense.

I had no problems shooting, the only problems I came across was the dropping of quality and exporting from Final Cut with 5D footage, this was soon corrected after a skills session on how to correctly log and transfer 5D footage so not to drop quality and to export it using the correct setting. This all was done once I had re-edited after receiving feedback making the piece look and flow better than it originally did.

I feel I have done well on this piece and really put some thought into it. Technically I have stepped up, using a camera and lenses I had never used before, using split screen and colour correcting and grading in my re-edit. It was challenging filming by myself as I was trying to make it look like everything was from the perspective of either party, which at times was difficult even with a tripod. The feedback I received and the new skills I learnt I really took on board, which helped me decide to go back and do a second edit to make it just that bit more visually pleasing to myself and the audience.

The thing I have learnt the most is not to be afraid to just go and do it yourself, as I am capable and competent enough to and just need to have that little bit more faith and confidence in myself, but not to be afraid to ask for help form others should I need it. Overall as a piece I think it works, in terms of getting a message across without spoon feeding the audience, even if only one message is obtained.

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