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305MC Reflection + Group Work/Discussions

Introducing 305MC a module where in we are mixed across Media Production, Journalism, Advertising, and Culture and Communications Media.

If anything I was dreading this module as previous years where we have mixed it hasn’t been such a blissful process, however, this module each week will give us the basis research we will need later on for our final media productions.

Once we entered our seminar groups, we formed into smaller groups and were told to talk about power, spectacle, and memory and how they come into every day life, taking into consideration ideologies and conventions, but also how these three interlink. We spoke about how money is power, the media and politics are the main power ‘heads’ as they have control over the masses and are able to influence people so easily without question. We also mentioned that the three themes have to be applied through context as they are based upon values and cultural ways of life and beliefs, meaning power, spectacle, and memory are specific to culture and status etc. There are big differences within societies and within countries as each have their own rules and conceptions around what power, spectacle, and memory are and how they can be used. For example, the U.S always have someone in power (presidents) who has the power to call all the shots, and the Middle East see this as something great and see how it can be used in their favour and end up prominently fighting for this so called ‘power’.

We were then set a group task, which was to choose a topic group and use those key words to talk about and prepare a 5min introduction presentation, linking the words in relation to the chosen group.

These groups were:

1 – Remembrance, False Memory, Nostalgia, Mementoes, Return of the Repressed.

2 – Power of the Media, Nuclear Power, Power Dressing, Black Power, The Power and the Glory.

3 – Gladiators, Shock and Awe, Making a Spectacle of Yourself, TV Spectaculars, Spectacular Spectacular.

We chose topic group 1 as this the one the majority of use were drawn to, and took a slightly different approach to most groups as instead of using the internet to give us ideas, we went round and each said something that is triggered in our minds by that particular word. This seemed to work as we each had different ideas with a variety of personal accounts that went hand in hand with the key words.


– Poppy Day/Remembrance Day (You remember all the brightly red coloured poppy pins and that they represent the field in which all the dead soldiers lay in.)

– 1984 Operation Blue Star (A big day for Sikhs, as this was an operation ordered by the Indian Prime Minister to remove Sikh Separatists for the Golden Temple.)

– A personal memory of football stickers being torn off each time the grandfather visited, and though now passed the memory lives on as you can still see parts of the torn stickers (Remembrance through actions of a person who held greater power.)

– War Events (When we are told to remember, the majority of the time it is to remember/pay homage to war veterans, and those authoritative figures who feature in the war e.g Stalin, Hitler, Churchill.)

– Princess Dianna’s Death (Everyone felt a piece of them sadden, as she was seen on of the ‘people’, it shocked the nation and started to show the cracks of the monarchy as conspiracies and secrets surfaced.)

– 9/11 Attacks in the U.S (The memory of where you were when you heard or were told, and the horrible feeling received when knowing you were there recently, could it have been you?)

False Memory

– Deja-vu (Feeling like you have been or seen the same situation before as the one present.)

– School Education (Being taught what the system wants, a biased account e.g Britain being amazing in the war, and the sudden 9/11 attacks being Muslim terriosts.)

– Cultural Perceptions (What we are told to believe from a certain point of view e.g Terroists vs Freedom Fighters.)

– Olympics (Proud to be British and of the athletes, but what about the racism as most of the medals were won by Black/African ethnicities.)

– Lying (Twisting stories and out right lying, in some cases causing moral panic through the media.)

– Dreams (Illusive dreams that seem realistic, feeling as though you’re awake but in reality you are still dreaming. Shutter Island.)


– Objects that trigger memory.

– Souvenirs.

– Awkward, happy, sad, memorable moments.

– Childhood games, toys, and crazes.

– Statues, memorials, plaques, and gravestones.

– Pictures, birthday cards.

– Places of significance.


– Re-living the past (Visiting a memorable place.)

– Feelings (How you felt the first time….)

– Music and pictures that hold meaning.

Return of the Repressed

– Remembering memories that you lock away.

– A moment in time that reoccurs.


We found as a group that you can’t talk about one theme without bringing another into it,they all interlink and it is difficult to separate them completely. I think these group sessions will be beneficial to all as we gain other points of view and incites that we may have not thought of before, we have a good group who can communicate well and when it comes to crunch time we will appreciate that, as other groups may not get along as well.

There is also a group blog where you can see all our work and progress each week, and a rota so that the work is shared out fairly.


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