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360MC Memory Artefact – Development/Process

The process for this memory artefact has been a very long one as although I had my idea down from the day of the lecture, and the actual filming process went smoothly, the editing was a completely different story!

At first I didn’t know where to start with my footage, I knew what I wanted it to look like and how I wanted it to function but in terms of the footage I didn’t know which parts to include, until I realised that the most interesting and humours parts were where people forgot the items and were desperately trying to recall them. These are the clips I have used and the last clip is full length as this was the winner, who didn’t guess all items but out of the 20sec group managed to guess the most.

As I am very particular and a complete perfectionist, it took me forever to place and position all the items around the screen and fiddle with them so that they all fit and looked relatively the same size. It took me two days to get it to a point where I was happy to call it a rough edit in order to receive feedback, which I thought was going to be horrendous as it was an unfinished piece, though I got some really good comments and areas to work upon plus the areas that I had already planned to change.

Fixing the rough edit again took a lengthy amount of time simple because by the end of it there were at least 22 tracks of footage and each section took 12 minutes to render every time something was changed. I worked upon the feedback given changing the desaturation to check list ticks and adding titles to provide a little more information, as well as adding a track to try and cover up the horrible camera sound which I was unable to fix despite trying everything.

Overall the preparation could have been a little better in terms of filming and editing, however, I think that all the endless hours spent working on this artefact paid off as it demonstrates the unreliability and pressures of memory. As this was my last artefact to create I wanted it to not only have a solid idea behind it but to make it visually solid and I think I have managed to achieve this. I can happily say this is the piece of work that I am most proud of this year so far, and hard work, sweat and tears really do pay off.

Final Edit


360MC Spectacle Artefact – Process/Development

The process of creating my spectacle artefact has been challenging to say the least as I had a few original ideas, however, every time I looked over them I couldn’t quite make them fit the brief, so I did struggle to come up with an idea that was interesting to myself and the audience but which also fit the brief. After coming up with my Apple idea of transformation overtime I wasn’t quite sure how to make it play with reality, and after seeking some advice I made the decision to take the advice on board and create a possible futuristic Apple product. I wanted to create something that right now would seem a million miles away from invention let along completion, just as the iPhone and all its capabilities seemed to us back when we were all using chunky mobiles with aerials, and so I decided upon a book that when opened would transport you to any destination you so desired, also with the option of having different destinations to choose from on each page, hence it being a book, making it more fairytale like.

So taking inspiration from a fellow classmate and having looked at some adverts I came up with the idea of having the Apple timeline in pictures printed on card and pulled into the view of the camera by a pair of hands making it slightly more mystical as like myself, there is a lot people may not have known about Apple and how it started.

When filming I knew what I wanted to be seen on screen and once set up the process didn’t take long, whilst shooting I also had an idea flash where in instead of just showing all the Apple products that had been purchased by my influential subject I would have them write roughly how much they have spent on Apple concessions, this was a staggering £5500 approximately not taking into account purchases from the iTunes and App store. I thought this would have a great effect as a lot of the products were as Guy Debord says ‘more of the same’ and this visual would reiterate and emphasise that statement.

I did have an alternative idea or potential add on to my piece which was going to be a parody of an Apple advert for my futuristic product, however, even though I had managed to book equipment and a room to do this unfortunately vital equipment that I had booked had not been returned and the room I had booked was suddenly no longer available which meant I had to scrap this part completely as time was restricted even more so.

As the filming was done in one shot it didn’t take long to edit, though I did colour correct some of it which took a bit of time, however, after receiving feedback which was positive, I was more aware that some of the pieces of card were a little of centre and could have been straighter and so I was told I should try and re-frame some of the shots. I knew it would be difficult to match the two different sequences together if there were differently framed shots as the hands may differ in position, so I decided to re-shoot the length of the timeline but keep the shots of the Apple products and the futuristic product the same as they were originally shot separately anyway.

Again re-shooting didn’t take long as I again knew what I wanted and we had already run through it before. This was a much better shoot as I marked where the cards had to go so that they wouldn’t be as off centre as before, which made a big difference. However, when editing I did notice that a few of the cards had slipped and were fumbled about a bit more than originally seen, but I think this is a much better version as the rolling shutter has now gone, the lighting is much better and the picture is no longer as grainy as it looked before.

In conclusion, no matter how finished you think your work is, there is almost certainly room for improvement somewhere, this is therefore why I try to have my artefacts ready for the first initial viewings so that i can gain feedback and work upon my piece.

The Spectacle of Transformation of Apple over time



FOR ASSESSMENT *360MC Power Artefact Development/Process

After watching the BBC programme ‘Who Get’s The Best Jobs?’ I realised I feel strongly about equal opportunities and this was particularly related to the field I want to get into which is television, and in my eyes television is up there for the best jobs. I looked further into the issue and the buzz around it. Taking a step back I then realised that people like myself who aren’t middle class yet aren’t living in poverty may be looked upon by others who are worse off as though we are rich. This gave me the idea to base my artefact on more everyday life and the things we take for granted, for example; though we may have to go through the whole process of making tea before we can enjoy it, unlike others who have it made for them. I wanted my artefact to say that on the one hand there are people who work towards what they want and often find rejection, and on the other, there are those who take a back seat and yet seem to get everything handed to them.

In order to film my artefact I’m taking  inspiration from the ‘Symmetry’ video with opposites, making a shot list of ordinary day to day actions and re-creating images with deeper meaning, I’m also thinking of opposing shots to go with them.

When it came to filming, a few of these shots changed as I had more vision for them. e.g.

The clock ticking over didn’t emphasise my point enough that someone would be getting up for work whilst another is just getting in from a night out. This is my favourite shot because as on one side the curtains are being open, the other side is being drawn all the while the clock is still in sight and the light signifies the change.

The song I have found talks about money which I thought was good as I didn’t actually show any money in the shots but they were representations and connotations in there of having money and therefore having an easy life. However, this song says ‘Money, money, money, money, money is the root of all problems’ I liked this as it can be a problem not having money but  also having money can too cause problems; What do you do with it? Does it make you happy? Does it fill that empty hole?

After showing my artefact Clifton said when watching it he wasn’t quite sure and still isn’t quite sure what it was about, as it felt like it had deeper meaning more to do with the struggles of life more so than money. I was pleased to hear this as this is what fuelled my idea but wasn’t sure if it would come across. People also said that it was a thoughtful peace as even though it didn’t show money it still raised the question ‘Do people with money have an easier life?’

Power – Money Re-Edit


*http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00yb5kv (Who Gets the Best Jobs & Article buzz around it)

*http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNRP8xc5aFA (Who Gets the Best Jobs? Part 1)

*http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFom1vekU4g&feature=relmfu (Part 2)

*http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_S7i4JS-fcs&feature=relmfu (Part 3)

*http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9S4ubM0IOw8&feature=relmfu (Part 4)

*http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvdF1pH0rSg&feature=relmfu (Part 5)

*http://moodle.coventry.ac.uk/pv_obj_cache/pv_obj_id_F689542BDDBBAD8A50D10A68CB10375D90858500/filename/Power_Lecture_1_360MC.pdf (Power Lecture)

*http://vimeo.com/22564317 (Symmetry)

*http://soundcloud.com/sinbad269/money (Money Song)

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