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FOR ASSESSMENT *360MC Overall Conclusion

Though this module has been challenging I have somewhat enjoyed it as I have been tested mentally and technically and bettered myself through this process as a result. The lectures together with lectures that entwine from a different module have been very helpful in terms of coming up with a basis for my ideas, as I would hear or read something that would trigger an idea and develop into my artefact.

I think what has the best thing about the module has been the fact that instead of just creating media without meaning, we have had to think about the meaning of each piece and the possible message it gives out to the audience. Having a brief helped and hindered me as I work best when it is clear what is required, however, the spectacle brief threw me for six when we had to draw on theories from either Baudrillard or Debord as inspiration for our artefacts. I found this hard as my original idea fit in with all the other obstructions apart from that one, and again this happened with my second idea. I eventually came up with an idea that fit all the obstructions a few days before the feedback session and managed to get it filmed and edited on time, which was a massive achievement for me and showed me how much I can work to restrictions no matter how hard I may fine them.

My three artefacts I feel have been well thought out and thought about as I have a strong connection to the messages that they give out to the audience, they are visually appealing and executed to my best ability and I am proud to say that they are my own finished products as a result of this module.

Now that this module has come to an end I can full say that I have grown as an individual and as part of a team. I have been able to produce work that is solely my own, from idea generation to editing and I have learnt new technical skills as well as mental and academic skills. In some cases I have been able to pass on my wisdom and new found knowledge on to others in order to help them progress, whilst I have also lent a hand to those who have needed it for whatever reason, just as I have called upon others to be in my pieces and to aid parts of the process. I have and always will be a team player, but this year I have been given an opportunity to develop my individual work through this module.  All the skills I have learnt and processes I have been through will help me and help build my profile for the career that I wish to pursue in television or failing that a career as a production manager of some sort of creative business, where in ultimately I will have control but will have to work as a team as well.

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