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FOR ASSESSMENT *360MC Memory Artefact – Analysis

From looking at my artefact it is clear what it is about and what it is showing, this is that memory is not always reliable and under pressure your memory can fail, this is shown through the contestants faltering and desperation to recall the items. I think these edited clips are most significant as they not only show the frustration of memory blanks but the part of the brain (the ID) which so desperately ‘wants’ to succeed and win.

The titles at the beginning provide preparation and explanation for what is about to be seen and especially shows that a little more thought went into the process rather than just a fun game it was more of an experiment as I split the contestants into two groups giving one group 20 seconds less to look at the items, knowing that this may have an effect on their memory when recalling.

Visually I think the artefact looks really good with the contrast of the pictured objects around the frame of the contestant, this also allows the audience to still have the objects at the forefront of their mind whilst watching someone else try to remember them. It engages the audience, as they will the person to remember the objects, and hopefully make them think about whether or not they would be able to succeed when put in that position. I did decide not to colour grade the piece as the lighting for the contestants was complimented on many times, however, looking back I would have liked to have colour graded everything slightly to make it a little warmer and more inviting as I feel it may look a little cold and harsh for such a light hearted game. The graphics of the green correct tick works well as the audience can keep track of what has been said.

In terms of audio I am disappointed as when editing you could hear the camera sound which could not be heard when filming and this was partly my fault as I went against my better judgement with recording sound externally, though, it could not be known that this would happen. The crackling sound takes away from the contestants voice and brings the quality of this piece down slightly, although, the track laid underneath brings back the fun and pressure of the situation. A ticking clock sound could have been used but this would have made the piece too intense and slightly dull. The choice of leaving the swearing in was a good one as it emphasises the frustration and portrays it perfectly through a somewhat audio description.

This piece works a contemporary media product as there are many who claim to have a good memory but put under pressure they are most likely to crumble. Overall this artefact does what it is supposed which is to engage the audience and get across that memory under pressure can let you down no matter how good you think it is, it also looks good as an added bonus.


Film Analysis – Angles, Focus Pulls/Lengths, General Shots 360MC

Identity Poster

Identity (2003)

*Stranded at a desolate Nevada motel during a nasty rainstorm, ten strangers become acquainted with each other when they realize that they’re being killed off one by one.* – IMDB

I’ve chosen to watch this film as it was one of the films mentioned in our seminar about mental health, and as one of my ideas is based on a true story of mental health I thought this would be a good film to watch and see how it is shot, looking at angles, focal lengths/pulls and the general shots and feel to the film.

At the beginning there are no establishing shots and a focus pull is used within the first 4 minutes to shift our focus from the telephone ringing to who then picks it up. All of the focal lengths and shots are quite close up and I think this makes it more intense as you are drawn to the personalities and recognise them as actual characters, so when things do start happening to them there is more of an element of shock, almost as if you knew that person. There are lots more elements used within this film to make it that more realistic for the audience    , for example, there are a lot of pan and tracking shots when in the hotel rooms, making it feel as if you are there trapped and all you can do is look around to what is there, it captures the audiences attention and doesn’t let go. The angles of the shots also make you feel apart of the story as there are no birds eye view shots and definitely no over the head shots when the characters are stood up, most of the shots are level with the characters to create the feel that you are equal to them and put in in the same position. The other shots are from below looking up at an angle towards the characters, and as we don’t yet know who the murder is it makes us too, feel like we are victims of all this violence. The only long shots there is, is for place establishment for example when the cars are on the road you can see that they are in the middle of nowhere, and again with the motel establishing shot showing that it is isolated, and therefore making the audience feel even more trapped. The lighting is very intense with shadows on the face and at points with only light in the background or foreground forcing everything else to be cast in shadow or darkness, creating a real creepy and eerie atmosphere.

When planning shooting my film I will have to think very precisely about lighting as I will wan to it to be quite dark as it is a dark and deep story, I will also have to think about the close ups and focus pulls of objects and faces for more intensity, but not only this as I will have to consider the angles I want to use and why, to keep continuity through out the film, or could my film possibly be disjointed like the mind of someone who is mentally unwell? This film has given me a lot to think about in terms of planning and shooting my own film which is good as my ideas may/will change more than once to find a style that fits.

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