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A304MC Pass it on – Mentoring Session 4

This mentoring session proved to be very productive as the group had sorted out a basic script to run from and got well under way with working through it practising all their timings and making mistakes along the way, but learning from them and working them out between themselves, with us only having to step in once or twice.

Everyone was a lot more focused this time around and took their roles a bit more seriously meaning that everyone could do their job. However, a lot of time was taken for the run through’s and therefore we were only able to get through 3 with the last run through being their best. Everybody was listening and taking direction with only a few moans and groans which showed a professional attitude and team work.

The whole group seemed to be better pleased with their progress and with what they were doing within the session and there was a much more positive atmosphere which was uplifting and motivating.

At the end of the session we again told them if they need help they know where to find us and advised them to keep practising as much as they can in order to produce a show that they can be proud of.


FMP: Research – ‘Girl Interrupted’ 360MC

Girl, Interrupted Poster

”Susanna is depressed and direction-less after finishing high school in the late 1960’s. A suicide attempt lands her in Claymore, a mental institution. She befriends the band of troubled women in her ward (Georgina the pathological liar, the sexually abused Daisy, the burn victim Polly) but falls under the hypnotic sway of Lisa, the wildest and most hardened of the bunch. Will Susanna “drop anchor” at Claymore and perpetually act out like Lisa, or will she finally pull her mind together and leave institutional life behind? Written by Martin Lewison”

This is by far the best film I’ve seen in a long time, not only for the images used but for the simple reason that it is so real, as when watching it, it was almost exactly how my participant described their stay at the mental health clinics. With the girls that create destructive friendships, the close watches by the nurses, the psychiatrist sessions, sexual promiscuity, and drug abuse/addiction. I have watched this film twice now as the first time, I felt sad to see and know that this is somewhere that my participant had experienced, knowing that this portrayal was all so real. After I had watched it I felt a sense of what it must be like to be mentally ill and how one must have felt being in a place like that.

The film goes back and forth in time as Susanna has flashbacks, which are lit somewhat warmer to the flatly coloured blueish present. There are not many long shots and again I think this is to keep you close to the characters and their story. It relies heavily upon music to set the mood on many occasions, however, in one scene where Daisy commits suicide there is a record playing on repeat which shows that music may be used by mentally ill people as well as those who are well, as a distraction and escape from troubles and worries.

A lot of the visuals match my ideas for the visuals in my film, which goes to show that I have been able to put myself in the shoes of a mentally unstable person, using the information I have been given and through watching other films and programmes that relate to mental illnesses. This film also came up in conversation with my participant, and they said they had seen it and told me to watched it if I hadn’t already as it illustrates exactly what it’s like when in an institution for the mentally unwell.

FMP: Interim Proposal 360MC

In order to get my project off the ground I need to be able to fill in this proposal form, which means a lot of research needs to be undergone.

As I mentioned above, I have done a lot of research in order to fill out this form, for example looking into festivals, budget, accommodation, and the context of my film’s issue.

Here is the form:

*>>>>INTERIM_proposal_form-1 (1)<<<<*

The feed back I gained from my tutor was to look more into niche audiences for distribution, think more realistically and to research a little bit more into context. I will now actually go back and watch some of the films I found and look at practitioners and the genre of experimental narrative.

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