PPP – Artist Statement/AV Statement

As part of this module and to be a part of the degree show we have to create an artist statement and an audio visual showreel in order to portray what we do as a professional, why we do it and what makes us unique. A personal statement has to be personal to you and has to consider your audience along with; using the correct vocabulary, punctuation and enabling your statement to flow when read.

When researching how to write my artist statement I came across these six simple tips that talk about how to write an artist’s statement but the tips are transferrable none the less:

  1. Start with the basics
    Jot down some basic information; are there any themes? Having a short list of details will help later when you are trying to tie everything together.
  2. Try not to get too technical
    If there are some truly unique elements involved in the work (printed on a special material or you shot through a hand-crafted lens, for example), feel free to include that information. Otherwise, leave out the details about your gear.
  3. What would you like someone else to say about this work?
    If you would love for someone to say “these photos bring sunshine to my home”, then you already have a pretty good starting point for your statement. Lead off with something like “I have done my job as an artist if these photos bring happiness and warmth to your home”.
  4. Share your background and history
    All too often, artist’s statements are all about the art and don’t go into any detail about the artist. How long have you been doing this kind of art? Why did you start? Why do you enjoy it? Inspirations?
  5. Try not to pat yourself on the back too much
    It is fine to say you are proud of this body of work, but try not to go overboard with the self praise. I have seen statements that say things like “an expert of her craft, this photographer captures beauty in a way that nobody else has”. I understand the value of confidence and selling yourself, but these kinds of descriptions will be a turnoff to a lot of people.
  6. Does it have to be a traditional artist statement?
    A friend once suggested that I do a haiku for my statement, which I thought was a genius idea. Different venues will have their own requirements, but take the opportunity to do something out of the norm if you can.

[6 Tips for Writing an Artist’s Statement] http://digital-photography-school.com/6-tips-for-writing-an-artist%e2%80%99s-statement#ixzz2TMvbcvhv

I have decided to write my artist statement as a letter taking from the idea of writing a letter to yourself at the beginning of first year, it also shows creativity as no one writes letters anymore it’s all emails, voicemails and Facebook messages I want to show appreciation for all art.

Here is my finished version:

Dear You,

It has come to my attention that your attention is on me. You’ve noticed my achievement and pride upon completion of a project which has been the driving force fuelling my addiction to media in the last five years. The lustful rush that formulates when working on something that really interests me is seen through the creativity and imagination in my projects. The great gift of life itself, as you know, is full of worldly inspiration that I draw from. How many times have you heard “think outside the box”? Well, I want to obliterate the box.

I hope we will cross paths somewhere in the broadcast and fashion industry; an excellent place to flourish creatively and technically.

Kind Regards,

“The Perfectionist”

P.S My friend Ayn Ran asked to pass on this wistful thought, “The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.”

[Phone number]

Here is also a stamp I created to go on the page when printed out, this will also feature on my website:


Audio Visual Statement

As this can take the form of a showreel this is what I have decided to do. Taking my passion for fashion and creating a small showreel that shows jewellery, bags, and make up shot in a way that they would be set up in the industry, based on my previous experience working in fashion photography houses. I also have my voice reading my written artist statement over the top mixed in with a light hearted track. Originally I did want to do a fashion shoot i.e a catwalk sequence and had set this up with a model friend but unfortunately due to certain circumstances we were unable to commence with the shoot, having to cancel the day before, hence using this time to still create fashion shots. This video also features on my portfolio website.


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Ambitious and driven but knows how to have funnnn :)

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