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Networks are a great way of finding opportunities, useful resources and articles, communicating with other like minded people and also gaining the help that you need to progress within your career. It is a place where you are able to explore different paths with almost instant guidance. In a way it is a safety net once you are in the industry, a support network to enable and empower you.

I have looked into a few networks in my local area, those that are nearby and online networks:

Bucks Creative Enterprise

BCE is the primary promoter, celebrator, adviser and informer on all aspects of creativity and creative business development in Bucks.

BCE is you as a creative enterprise, an education establishment, a student or an individual interested in creativity. By joining the BCE community you can learn about funding opportunities, network, build awareness of your business, seek out information about career development, collaborate, learn about creative business support, build up contacts or simply delve into the mind of a sector that is responsible for a third of the County’s gross turnover, and its international reputation as great place to do business.

Chiltern Arts Network is a not for profit arts networking organisation for artists of all types living and working in the Chilterns. Chiltern Arts Network provides an arts directory, events guide and news feed for the Chilterns area.  As a not for profit organisation, Chiltern Arts Network aims to support the local arts scene and empower artists to create sensational art.

Screen South is a Creative Development agency delivering and supporting innovative projects across screen-based media and the wider cultural and creative industries. We are a resource and broker that helps people get their ideas off the ground and supports delivery locally, nationally and internationally .
Our overarching aim is to contribute to stimulating a competitive, successful and vibrant, creative industry and culture, and to promote its growth, enjoyment and understanding locally and internationally.
Screen South is passionate about developing and contributing to a dynamic environment in which film and screen-based media culture can flourish.

Raindance Film Festival

Although not a community Raindance offers tips and advice articles to help independent  filmmakers, shows the types of courses, workshops and classes you can take in order to maximise your skills.


A forum made for the entirety of the film community to converse new information and communicate with one another. A place where you can freely ask questions, hear other peoples opinions and share your own, from equipment to new production software and packages. A perfect example of a support network. You can be sure that if you get stuck or have a problem you will most likely find an answer on there or not be alone in your predicament.


The Backscratchers Logo

The backscratchers bringins together hand picked companies and creative talent for short-term projects and collaborations across advertising, art, design, fashion, film, music, technology, writing and event production.

Film and TV Pro was set up in late May 2009 to make the life of crew just a little bit easier. Although we can’t guarantee you will get paid work or even tell you about every opportunity, we’re going to do our best. We’ve combined the Blue Compass technology with feedback and advice from hundreds of film and TV professionals. Film and TV Pro is the result, a site which alerts you to upcoming employment opportunities and plugs you into the UK Film & TV community.
Film and TV Pro allows you (the film/TV professional) to a profile listing in our central online directory of film & TV crew, accessible to 10,000+ employers, broadcasters and production companies. Our unique profile tagging mechanism enables us to instantly alert you to upcoming opportunities which match your skills. No more trawling through printed publications, now all the information you need is in one place. And as if that didn’t sound enough, we take the application process to the next level, enabling you to receive feedback from employers directly through the site, network with other crew members and also browse our comprehensive resources database.

These sites are designed to help and nurture you and your career, we are not alone in the world and so it only makes sense that we communicate with one another and help each other prosper.


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