FMP: Getting Into The Press

In order to gain an audience for our film we need to get attention as we are dealing with a worldwide issue; and one way of doing this is to send our press release out to local newspapers and magazines that would already have and create more of an audience for our film. Getting into local papers and film magazines as well as mental health magazines will increase our chances of spreading our film and raising much more awareness for mental health.

We have singled out a few newspapers and magazines which include:

* The Bucksfree Press
* The University Press
* The Coventry Telegraph
* The Coventry Observer
* The Metro
* OneInFour
* Youngminds
* Rethink
* Vertigo Magazine
* Electric Sheep

Along with our press release there will be a folder sent containing;

  • Press release.
  • EPK.
  • Instability poster.
  • 2 High quality, thought provoking production stills.

This is in order to be taken seriously and gain as much coverage as possible. We have started off by sending it to the University Press and here’s the response we got back:

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 21.16.25


Here is what our Instability press release reads:

Annacitric Productions announces “INSTABILITY”, an unconventional film focusing on an emotional true story. Annacitric productions has today announced a new unconventional film using an experimental process which looks at the life of a young girl who became mentally unstable and how she fought a battle of emotions to try and escape life. Coventry, United Kingdom – March 8th, 2013 – INSTABILITY” is a new unconventional and expressive film from Annacitric Productions. Directed by Gailene Pierre and Produced by Dean Atkinson, INSTABILITY is the shocking true story and the awakening of a girl who became mentally unstable and describes how, with numerous mental illness, fought a battle of emotions and how her devastating actions became a normal part of trying to escape life. From waking up in a hospital and wishing she hadn’t woken up at all, to treasuring her life and looking to the future, INSTABILITY brings this compelling heart felt story to life. Gailene Pierre, director of INSTABILITY says “It is not only a special story because it is personal to me, but because the participant has agreed to be involved not just vocally, but visually and collaboratively throughout the creative process, which makes sharing this story in detail with many others for the very first time, that bit deeper“. Dean Atkinson,producer, adds, “The story that we got from our contributor is so compelling, it’s one that people have to hear. Mental illness is a very important issue worldwide and the opportunity to use this story to perhaps help others was something that I felt needed to be done”. Instability, recorded in full 1080P high definition, is shot in a way that keeps the contributors identity undisclosed but tells the full heart felt story through a series of audio interviews. It is purposely made this way so that personal information is not revealed, however, the complete story is told in an exciting way where the visuals may not always match the audio. Annacitric Productions, based in the United Kingdom are an exciting new production company focussing on films that relate to real life. Whether it’s drama focussing on hard-hitting true stories, or documentaries that will compel the viewer, Annacitric Productions aims to bring the stories that matter to the attention of many.


Press Contacts:

Dean Atkinson

deanoaka [at]

(+44) 78** 91* 91*

Having had a response back, already shows that our press release is working and gaining the attention of who we need to get on board in order to help us spread the news. Hopefully we will be hearing back from a lot more soon enough.


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