FMP: Designs for Marketing Material

Recently we have been working hard to finalise the designs for our products and now have the finished designs ready to be sent off to the printers. We tried to keep to a simple theme using the same fonts and colour schemes, to intrigue people and have a sense of secrecy as we know the film is not what people will be expecting.

Here are the designs of our work for our Press Kit/Production folder:

  • Business Cards: We chose business cards as a small way to market the film and ourselves in one place, to keep intrigue and look professional.

BC FrontBC Back

The front and back both with a white border. 85 x55 mm

  • Flyers: This was an idea that came from Dean as he had seen other production companies hand out small flyers with information and social media on, whilst at the Raindance Festival 2012. This is to provide the public with information about the film and intrigue them more about the crew behind the film. On the front is a picture of the poster as it is the most recognisable thing about the film.

Flyerback 2

Full colour front and back. A5

  • Posters: We instantly knew when filming that this would be the image for the poster as it shows intrigue and vulnerability and with the bears eyes slightly covered it portrays some kind of secrecy.


Full colour. A3

  • iBook/Catalogue: When thinking about marketing materials, my producer instantly thought about making an iBook as it’s interactive, original and enables you to provide a lot more information about the film. Again in keeping with the simple style and colours we created a booklet that tells you about the crew, gives you production stills and much more that you can’t do on a poster or flyer.

Instability EPK Booklet

Full colour. Landscape. A5

  • DVD Cover & DVD: The DVD in keeps with our simplicity and the cover shows the all iconic poster with a small summary on the back two production stills and the tagline. We didn’t want to make the cover look to over crowded and so we found a way to give enough information yet sticking to our themes.


Full colour. A5


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