PPP – Personal Tutorial 3

Just before Easter I had a joint tutorial with my producer where we spoke about fmp work and how far we are and how we are feeling about the project on a whole. Our tutor seemed please as to where we are with our progressions and with that we set some goals for over and after Easter and moved on to talk about the ppp module.

We spoke about what we had to do but as there has been no talk of the module or any useful information about it on moodle or in lectures all we could do is suggest what to do. The main thing was to create a portfolio, we discussed how we would do this and both I and Dean talked about building a website to host our work in a professional manner and also creating more of an online presence joining networks and gain contacts through different events we could attend.

I have in fact planned to go to the BVE event in London which is the biggest broadcast and technology event, with talks and insight into future products there would sure points in which I could network with professionals.



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