FMP: Post Production Editing

Editing has been tough as even though we received a fantastic rough cut, we have had a problem filling the length of audio visually, and so have made the decision to cut it down to help this process, it has also felt as if the piece drags a little and cutting down the audio would really help.

The rough cut has been through four editing sessions working on the audio and sound scape, the visuals, effects and grading. After seeing the rough cut with and without a piece of music laid underneath the audio I have made the decision that it most definitely needs a track as it adds a certain tone and mood to the piece. Both I and my producer are extremely happy with what our editor is producing and are continuously working with him to try and make the edit better. We are gaining feedback from other peers, personal tutorials and group crits.

I have been finding it hard to watch the edit at points as I am too like the audience hearing this story in detail for the first time and it being about someone I care about an awful lot is quite hard hitting, but this is why I wanted to produce this in the first place and I have to remember this. I have spoken to my editor and producer to make them aware of this but have promised to try and separate and control my emotions in regards to the issue for the sake of our film and all our sanity.

Our next steps are to continue to work on the edit gaining feedback from others and to now make a trailer to release to the public.


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