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There are many ways into the industry and just one of them is through Training Schemes that many big production companies offer. There are a whole range of schemes out there that vary in what they offer but the main things they promise are to teach you new skills, let you work across different platforms within the company, a starting salary and often are inclined to offer an opportunity to stay within the company or open doors to other industry companies. These schemes usually last from one to three years depending on the role and the company.

These are a few of the schemes I have viewed and plan to apply for and some that I have already applied for over the past few months:

BBC Production Scheme

‘If you gain a place on the Production Trainee Scheme you will be given a 12 month contract, and during that time we’ll train and develop you intensively for a career in the media. You will be sent on three different work placements across the UK, in Radio and Television. You’ll be mentored by a senior BBC Manager, and by the end of the scheme you’ll have the skills to turn creative ideas into brilliant programmes. ‘

Channel 4 Production Trainee Programme

‘There are loads of myths about our industry, and sometimes they scare talented people away. People think they don’t have the right ‘look’ to work in the media. Or they think you can only get a job if  you’ve already got a best mate in the business.

But that’s not true. And we’ve created this Production Training Programme to prove it. Through this scheme, you can take part in a 12-month training programme at one of the media companies that we work with. The things you learn there can help you to get ahead in this industry (no trendy hairstyle required). And you get £17,500 too.

You get to work on some amazing projects, with some inspiring people, in one of the best production companies in the UK. In the past, our trainees have worked as researchers, production co-ordinators, junior developers and assistant editors. And throughout the year, you also get full-time mentoring, and training at Channel 4.’

Princess Productions & Shine Tv Graduate Researcher Scheme

‘For the last 12 years, Princess Productions have operated a Graduate Trainee Scheme and this year the initiative will now
work across both Princess Productions and Shine TV. The scheme offers a select number of recent graduates the opportunity to work in a full time position as a paid trainee researcher for 12 months. Many graduates on the scheme have
gone on to become directors, producers and executive producers within the company and elsewhere throughout the
broadcasting industry.
The selected Graduates have the chance to work on both new and established programmes, within a variety of genres,
and provides an excellent platform to learn the basic skills required in the world of television. Such skills include:
researching topics for discussion on air, sourcing contributors and working in teams to generate and develop new
programme formats.’

TwoFour New Entrant Scheme

‘Twofour’s digital division produces corporate communications, video, events, online channels and learning media for brands, broadcasters and the public sector.

Twofour have opportunities for motivated and ambitious graduates to contribute to our success and bring to life our vision of being the UK’s most admired media company.  Our New Entrants Scheme provides talented individuals an opportunity to develop their career, learning from some of the leaders in our industry and gaining invaluable first-hand experience within a fast paced, vibrant and challenging environment.’

The applications and processes can be lengthy but companies have to make sure they are getting the right candidate in for the job and those who are willing enough to at least complete the application process and impress employees are a quarter of the way there. Sometimes you look at the length of an application or the types of questions and it puts you off applying but if you give it a go you can always say you at least tried. In my experience applications can be tedious especially when applying for so many things, but with a little persistence and keeping your goal in mind, it is possible to pull through.

Schemes are a great way of learning on the job, you gain valuable industry experience working with professionals over a long period of time, unlike work placements, and you are treated as a commendable part of the companies team receiving a proper wage as well as the necessary help and support you may need. If I were to receive a place on one of these schemes I would be all to grateful I as I feel I would really make the most out of the experience and use my skills and abilities to network and be remembered.


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