PPP – Production Co-ordinator

Moving on from Production Assistant , the next role I hope to be in is Production Co-ordinator. There is much responsibility that comes with being a Production Co-ordinator and there is a lot to do and long hours to be worked. As a co-ordinator you are managing like a producer all the parts that come together to make a film or television programme.


Production Co-ordinators are directly responsible to the Line Producer and Production Manager for scheduling and co-ordinating the communications and day-to-day workings of the whole production team. They co-ordinate the crew, maintain the purchase order log, make sure paperwork is completed and filed, answer the telephone, and ensure that nothing is overlooked. Production Co-ordinators also produce new versions of the script as changes are made. Because they are most responsible for the day-to-day workings of the production office, Production Co-ordinators must work very long hours, particularly in the final week before the start of principal photography.

Production Co-ordinators run the production office according to the guidelines set out by the Production Manager. The role is entirely office based. Production Co-ordinators manage the production office and are left in charge of it whenever the Production Manager is on set.Employment is usually on a freelance basis.

Pre Production

Production Co-ordinators are responsible for setting up the Production Office and for ordering equipment and supplies; they co-ordinate travel, accommodation, work permits, and visas for cast and crew; and they prepare and distribute shooting schedules, crew and cast lists, scripts and script revisions. They also assist with ordering and collecting equipment, and booking personnel, once the Production Manager has negotiated acceptable terms. Production Co-ordinators organise and process the paperwork related to insurance cover for action vehicles, rental cars, office equipment, etc.


Production Co-ordinators are responsible for preparing, updating and distributing crew lists, daily progress reports, script changes, call sheets and movement orders. They must ensure that transportation needs are communicated to the transport captain, or to unit drivers. They organise the use of courier and shipping companies, co-ordinate the shipment of film and tape to and from various laboratories, and make arrangements for the movement of props and costumes, and other equipment.

End of Production

As the shoot draws to an end, Production Co-ordinators assist the Production Manager to “wrap” the production by closing accounts with suppliers, returning surplus stock, tying up all loose ends, and ensuring that office files are stored safely, and in a suitable format, so that information can be easily accessed by other personnel when required.


No specific degree in Production Co-ordination is currently available. The progression route to the role of Production Co-ordinator on a film is usually through the roles of Production Runner and Assistant Production Co-ordinator; however complementary experience in TV, advertising or in general office management is an advantage. Production Co-ordinators should also consider undertaking Health & Safety courses. A full clean EU driving license is often required.
 I have also found a very good breakdown of exactly what is need to be a Production Co-ordinator using: http://howtofilmschool.com/working-as-a-production-coordinator/
– Organisation/Multitasking
– Strong computer skills
– Strong scheduling skills
– Team leading
– Communication
Tools Needed

– Printer
– Office supplies
– Drivers License
– First aid
– Scheduling software
– Cell phone


Co-ordinate the crew
Run the production office
– Paperwork
– Equipment
– Footage
– Accommodations
– Travel
– Wrap out

Being a production coordinator is a lot of work but it can be a lot of fun, you get to be involved in many aspects of the production. It is a great position for learning the ins and outs of production. Be sure to appreciate everyone that works with and for you, the best way to get hired again is to do the best job you can and be likable along the way. Be organized and efficient and always follow up with people, never assume that someone has it taken care of, cover your own ass as well as theirs. Stay focused and you will get the job done and as with anything try to enjoy the work you are doing, as stressful as it can get at times it should be enjoyable too.
I will now be looking into getting my first aid training as this is a strong point for hiring and will most definitely get you noticed if this is on your C.V
Here’s a bio of a Production Co-ordinator:

Katie Ball

Hi there! I’m Katie Bell and I’m a Production Coordinator for Double Negative. My job? Well, put simply, it’s to make sure that everyone else can do their work clearly and easily and to co-ordinate the processes! As a Production Coordinator you are involved in all levels of a project at the company. Running schedules, making sure artists have all that they need, running review sessions of all the wonderful work going on and helping the senior team to make sure work gets done and goes out efficiently and on time!

How did you get into the business?

I came to Dneg straight from studying Film and Literature at university. I knew that I wanted to work in film and learn from the best but didn’t know the best way to do that! So, I decided that whilst at Uni I would throw myself at every film related opportunity I could… Film Societies, independent projects, videos for sports societies and much more. Through this I gained a small understanding of the vast variety of roles involved in making movies, especially the less well-known roles that I had never considered! And thus my interest in Visual Effects began. I was very lucky to be hired by Dneg to begin working in their HR department as an administration assistant, the perfect base from which to build an understanding of the work that Dneg did and the company itself. From there I was able to move into Production.

What natural skills do you think lend themselves to being a Production Coordinator?

To be a production coordinator your greatest asset, in my opinion, is your personality. When you’re running schedules for several departments and being point of contact for crews of sometimes over 200 people it becomes incredibly important for you to be sociable and approachable.

Organisation is also key. Keeping on top of your own tasks is one thing, but being able to anticipate problems that may arise and formulating solutions to avoid them is something I have discovered to be invaluable.

Any advice you would give to someone coming into the business?

Explore all avenues! If you are anything like I was, you will be incredibly passionate about film and want to make the magic happen but are not sure how to get there. I was passionate about finding my way into production and thought that becoming the rubber stumps under the bottom rung of he ladder at a big studio was the only way to do that. How wrong I was, by broadening my understanding of all the elements and roles required to complete a project I was able to join an inclusive and supportive company, and had the privilege of learning from the best in their field. I spent time in HR before production and enjoyed every minute, the path to the success you are looking for isn’t always in a straight line!

What other potential Careers Advice would you give?

Be under no illusion, the role of Coordinator is not for the faint hearted! An incredibly rewarding and incredibly fun job, it is also extremely demanding. If you are passionate, with a genuine love for making motion pictures, you will thrive and become part of the most close knit teams around, enabling the creation of truly inspirational work and hopefully feel an overwhelming sense of pride. The pressure is often high, deadlines tight and hours long but it is a labour of love. Many of the skills you require can be taught, what you need to bring to the table is dedication and positivity, if you do, you will certainly do well!

[Career Profile Production Coordinator] http://www.dneg.com/career_profiles/career_profile_-_production_coordinator_491.html


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