PPP – Lighting/Production Assistant

Another project I have taken on is ‘Hush Little Baby’ by Edina Toth, as Lighting and Production Assistant.

‘The story follows a couple of days from the hectic life of Olivia, once a powerful woman, successful lawyer turned into a human wreck due to alcohol and drugs abuse, on the verge of insanity, constantly in fight with herself and her emotions in order to forget a life changing tragedy. On the road of decadence she is faced with an event that will decide her faith: Will she receive a second chance or everything will end?’

Date of filming: March 16th – 18th.
Location: Coventry.

The self destruction of a woman was particularly of interest to me as my my film extends a hand to this issue also and this is one of the reasons I wanted to work on this film, the other was the sinister take on the lullaby ‘Hush Little Baby’ which is sung to two small children. My job was to set up and move lighting, make sure actors were ok and refreshed, transport crew and equipment to different locations, and to fetch and ferry actors.

From the moment we started we were working extremely long and hard days continuously with little breaks, but this didn’t matter as Edina had kindly provided the cast and crew with snacks to grab when ever we could. The fact that we worked so hard meant that we got everything we needed done on time and on budget. Like my shoot the crew was small but this meant that everyone and everything was much more manageable. Again I got to work with people who I haven’t worked with before and we pulled together really well, problem solving and making shots more creative.

From this project I have learnt a lot more about being not just a production assistant but a driving production assistant, the role is much like that of a runner, however, you have more responsibility over certain things. The driving around was tiring especially when trying to find locations, but all in all it was a good and professional shoot with lovely cast and crew.


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