PPP – Where I’m at Right Now

To help me with this stage of life and being at the beginning of my career I thought it would be useful to take a look at where I am right now, what I have done, and what I want/need to do next.

I am a very driven person and anyone will tell you that I know and have an idea of exactly what I want and where I want to be. With that in mind over the last three years I have tried to take up every industry opportunity that has interested me and even made opportunities for myself.

Here is a quick break down of what I have done over the last three years:

*24/11/2012 – 26/01/2013
Working as Producer of ‘Behind the Scenes’ on a video shoot for up and coming artist ‘Blaise’ (Blaise Thresher) and her new single ‘Thunderstorm’. Working closely with the whole production team of Geniuswave Films and CME (Click Media Entertainment). Part of the creative process from beginning to end, working in two locations one being East End Studios creating a 3 part series that was released on BlaiseOfficialTV.

*04/12/2012 -14/12/2012
Working as gallery sound with the journalism students and their news packages and working in the TV studio helping them practice their broadcasts and airing them live on the website and to the foyer televisions.

*13/10/2012 – 14/10/2012
Working as Assistant Director and Sound Operator on a low budget promotional video created for corporate company ‘Lench’s Trust’ in order to welcome and invite people to live in the branded residential communities. We shot on location with a professional presenter, taking interviews with residents and staff.

*23/06/2012 – 28/10/2012
I worked on a documentary called ‘Who Polices the Police?’(2012/52minutes/Migrant Media) directed by Ken Fero who is known for his 2001 documentary ‘Injustice’ which again investigates deaths in police custody in England from 1969 – 1999. I worked as a production assistant on this project, transcribing the entire film word for word.

*14/08/2012 – 10/09/2012
Working for an online production company called Matmedia Online. I worked on a day shoot as a production assistant running general errands, helping with equipment, logging, and slating scenes, for the online TV series called ‘On the Rock’. This was my first experience working on a professional set with a small intimate crew, and I enjoyed it fully. I am now associated as part of the team and will be called upon when needed as a freelancer.

I obtained a place in the ITV Talent Pool after a successful assessment day in the ITV Studios, London. I will now receive exclusive placement and paid job opportunities.

*01/05/2012 – 04/05/2012
Taking up a placement pursued by myself with BWP a creative marketing company who specialise in promoting and advertising in a fresh and creative way. I worked with many teams here such as the accounting team, studio, production, and P.R teams. Here I had a great insight into the strategy side of media which was interesting and new to me. The office was a great place to work and possesses a friendly support network.

*23/04/2012 – 27/04/2012
Again obtained a placement at Hungry Tiger Studios a photography company who work top clients such as M&S, Ted Baker, Monsoon and many more. This was gained through reference from a previous placement. Whilst there I worked under the head of production whilst I was here and was assigned to various different tasks within the studio, mainly sourcing props, assisting on shoots and a little taste of styling. I felt very welcome here and got a chance to spread my wings and show my full potential as I was given a lot of responsibility which was fantastic.

*21/01/2012 – 21/04/2012
Took up the opportunity to study abroad at Universidad Europea de Madrid in Madrid, Spain for three months. I went with another student and lived and studied out there doing both our UEM work and Coventry University work. It was a great challenge but it was something I thought I would never do but so glad I did as I gained some real life experiences and an opportunity like this is unlikely to come around again.

*04/04/2011 -08/04/2011
A placement taken up in first year at Aurora Fashions, the London Production base for Karen Millen, Bastyan, Oasis, and Warehouse. Spending the first three days under the Studio Production Manager of Oasis and the last two days with the Web Design and E-Commerce team of Oasis. I loved working at this city base and really got a feel for what work goes into the production of these brands, which was exciting.

As you can see I like to stay busy and make the most of my free time i.e in Easter spring and summer breaks. I believe you should make the most of your time at university and this means outside of university time as well, this also shows dedication to your passion and career.

I have also recently secured an Easter internship at Cocosa as a result of my hard work and dedication in a previous placement. I was pleasantly suprised after connecting with the Production Manager I worked under at Hungry Tiger last year through LinkedIn, that she had sent me a message asking me to intern at this new company. This just shows that hard work pays off and leaves a lasting impression on employers and you will not be forgotten.

I now need to focus on my final media project for now, but whilst I am doing that I will be constantly checking for vacancies for day runners etc. so that I am still gaining experience and apply for any up coming schemes or internships as they will shortly be opening up, and others with closing dates fast approaching.



About gailenepierre

Ambitious and driven but knows how to have funnnn :)

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