FMP: Filming Day 2

22nd February Filming Day 2. An early start to begin with and one large problem, being that we arrived at the contributors house and she wasn’t answering the door or her phone, I had no idea of knowing where she was or if she was ok and so whilst I waited and carried on trying to get a hold of her I sent the crew off to go and get something to eat so that they were fuelled for a few hours until lunch. When the crew got back we stayed in the cars until we finally got into the house and then we set up straight away to finish any daytime shots we had left in the house and as soon as these were done we headed out to the first outside location of the day. The Rye is a big park next to the centre of town, and I being smart thought there would be no children here as they would be at school, however, I failed to acknowledge that it was in fact half term but luckily there were only a few small children around as it was still fairly early and not yet noon. I knew exactly what shots I wanted and this helped us move along quickly not to disrupt the schedule. The weather was not particularly great throughout the day as it was cold and snowing on and off, we visited three more outside locations before breaking for lunch. On these locations we worked as a team getting the shots we needed and also some extra ones we could use whilst we were there. This time lunch didn’t take up too much time as we got food out on location and had half an hour once we were back at head quarters. 

After the break we managed to get through a few more shots in the garden and only three shots inside before realising that my contributor was not ok, as her hand was in more pain than ever and we had to take her to hospital. We agreed that we would shoot any shots that we did not need her for at my house and if she felt well enough to carry on later we could finish the rest of the scheduled shots. However, as her close friend I could tell before hand that it was all getting a bit to much for her emotionally and knew that she wouldn’t be returning to film with us. As a friend I had to make sure I had my contributors best interests were at heart and as a director I had to not panic and think on my feet and come up with a solution.

The solution was to carry on filming the shots that we didn’t need my contributor for, and any that we did need her for we could use my female crew member and cover her so that she is not seen, as the identity of my contributor was hidden anyway. The challenge was to make it look as if it was the same person but just concealing themselves even more. We managed to get away with filming a few of these shots but I still hadn’t accomplished the full shot list. Potentially this was what day 3 was for but as my contributor needed some time out this was null and void.

At the end of the day after racing around and getting one of my crew to the train station on time, the rest of the crew and I went through some of the footage to see if there was anything we could do, but the matter of the fact was we had done all we could do in regards to comprising the person seen in the footage. The crew were sent off and I spent the night going through the footage and transferring all the data needed. 

This day was somewhat disappointing, although we got a lot of shots and even picked up extra ones I am a bit deflated, because even though my contributors needs have been at the forefront of my mind throughout this project and I have always said if they wanted to back out they could, I feel a little bit let down as part of me thinks they got a bit bored and used their emotions as an excuse for an easy way out. This sounds awful and I feel awful for writing it but this is based on certain events that occurred on this day and from knowing my contributor all to well.

Apart from today’s misfortunes for both parties, I have had a great time filming, it has been long and tiring but I had a fantastic crew to work with who didn’t moan and just got the job done, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The hard part will now be editing and seeing whether or not we have a enough shots for the length of the piece.


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