FMP: Filming Day 1

21st February and it’s filming day one. As this was mine and Gov’s last teaching class of advantage I decided we should leave shortly after this, giving me time to get the equipment in the car and ensure everybody was here and ready to go in plenty of time. With the equipment and the four of us ready to go we managed to leave on time. Up until this point I have been really nervous about the whole thing even though I know I have been thorough with my pre production and even more so since having Dean join the production as Producer. We went straight to our main location which was my contributors house and did all our introductions and got set up ready to go after signing all the necessary forms. My contributor turned out to be hung over which wasn’t ideal but the shots scheduled for day 1 were luckily relatively easy going and not much movement involved, she had also sprained her hand the day before and was in a bit of pain with it wearing a bandage meaning we had to be extra careful. Once the introductions were over and I had shown the crew where we would be shooting and how small it was we got going, easing in with some easy shots and moving on to slightly more difficult ones. Bearing in mind that we had to be at our second location around five half five so that it was dark enough to shoot the scenes but not so late that we lost all light and weren’t able to see what we were doing. I did make the mistake of leaving all the difficult shots until the end, but it turns out we didn’t have enough time to do them so I made the executive decision as Director to instead of wrapping up this location early we would take some small easy shots from day 2 and shoot them in the time that we had, this would also save us time the next day. It was difficult filming in such small quarters as a lot of the time we got in each others way meaning that when someone wasn’t needed they had to stay downstairs, unfortunately due to our hour long break we lost a bit of time, however, this could not have really been helped as I knew we wouldn’t be finished filming until around eight o’clock and so dinner would be very late. This is why before filming I took the liberty of buying drinks and snacks to have on set so that we could all stay refreshed. Before leaving for the 2nd location there was an equipment check and quick briefing of what was going to happen once we reached our destination. When we arrived at 2nd locations area we were losing the light very quick and so we had to get the shots we needed done in good time, this was also so that we did not waste the owner of our 2nd location’s time when. The weather took it’s toll as it was very cold and extremely windy being out on an open field, however, all the crew stayed in their roles and were determined to get good shots so that we could move on to the inside shots. Even my contributor stayed professional despite having to walk bare foot on the cold grass and continue to sit on the cold ground whilst we filmed. Once we had wrapped up outside, we took to our 2nd location to get all the bathroom scenes. In order to do this I had to swap my camera operators around so that there were only females in the room for these scenes to make my contributor more comfortable. Once we got into the swing of things we got some really nice shots to work with though it may have taken a bit of time to get them, but we hung in there and kept going until the end. Luckily my 2nd location belonged to one of my best friends who was downstairs with the boys keeping them entertained, talking about gadgets, equipment, games and all things male! I kept a close eye on time as to not wear out the crew and take up too much time in the location preventing the owners from going about their way. When the last shot of the day was done, we wrapped up and moved out quickly. As the director and leader of the production I did all the drop offs; taking the contributor home and the crew to the hotel I had booked for them. Before going home myself I made sure I knew where all equipment was and took the cameras home in order to transfer the footage and charge batteries. Today went well and we got a lot done which is pleasing, however, it would have made a big difference if I had my producer with me so that I could solely focus on directing and looking after my contributor, but because of this loss I did feel as if I had too much to think about at one time meaning that sometimes I was a little flustered. Despite this I managed to keep calm and collected and due to my strong organised nature I was able to stay in control at all times prioritising tasks and making sure everything ran smoothly. I think my contributor did really well considering some of the things she had to do, but I am aware that I need to keep and eye on her and her emotions and make sure that this doesn’t become too much for her stirring up old thoughts and actions. Tomorrow will be more challenging as there is a lot of moving around to different locations and twice as many shots to get, so there is a lot of pressure to get what we need done.


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