FMP: Contracts

Contracts and agreements are essential to a smooth flowing production, it ensures that all parties know what is expected of them, what is provided, and repercussions if any, It also means that both parties know what they are getting into and if they do not agree then you can opt out at this point. After this point opting out is not an option, unless you are released from a project or if it is not part of the agreement.

You need to have contracts/agreements for the following:

– Actors including children actors
– Crew
– Locations


You will need to ensure that all the actors and/or contributors (e.g. interviewees) who appear in your film sign a contributor’s release form, giving you the rights to use their performances in your film and in the related marketing. Release forms aren’t necessary for anyone who appears as part of a crowd scene or fleetingly in the background of your film.

Some clauses to look out for in actors’ agreement are:

– Terms of engagement
– Renumeration
– Expenes
– Credit
– Health

Children Actors

Any child under the age of 16 needs a licence from their local authority to perform in any film. The application for this licence will include, amongst other things, a medical certificate and detailed statement on the likely performing hours.

It is the Producer of the film who will need to apply for the licence from the child’s local authority and the parent of the child will have to supply the producer documents such as the child’s birth certificate and a school letter authorising absence. The licence granted needs to be kept on set at all times. There are restrictions on how child actors can be used e.g. maximum time on set. Any child holding a licence is required to have a chaperone.

If a UK child is performing abroad then a licence needs to be obtained from either their local Magistrates Court or Bow Street Magistrates Court. If a non UK child is performing in the UK then they will still need a licence and all the rules of restrictions on engaging child actors will apply to them in the same way as they would a UK child. The child is often licensed by the local authority in whose area the child is performing or living during his or her stays but a licence can also be obtained from the local authority whose area the producer has his or her main residence, or where the producer’s head office is based. It is essential that you follow carefully the restrictions on using child actors in your films. These are governed by licensing regulations and are likely to be followed carefully by local authorities who are under a duty to protect children.


Here is what a crew agreement looks like >>>*crew_agreement*<<<


Location agreements should allow you to not only film the place but also grant you the right to rehearse and take stills for publicity. In your film, you may want to call the location a different name, and your agreement should give you the right to do so. The agreement should give you the right to incorporate scenes filmed at the location in your film and the right to exploit the film in any medium throughout the world. The design team will also require the right to make additions and alterations in and to the premises (interior and exterior) and the location manager will often have to ensure that the location will be put back in the condition that it was found.

My producer will be drawing up crew contracts, contributor contracts and location agreements, as well as risk assessments in order to ensure a smooth running production.


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