FMP: Research – ‘Stay’ 360MC

Stay Poster

“A thought-provoking and haunting exploration of how reality and dream-states may combine to form complex interactions. The line between the imagination and reality blurs when an accomplished Psychiatrist takes on a patient that appears to be suicidal.”

“Standing in for a sick colleague, renowned New York psychiatrist Sam Foster is confronted with disturbed art student Henry Letham. Seemingly inspired by his idol, a painter infamous for committing suicide on his 21th birthday, Henry announces he will shoot himself Saturday at midnight–the moment he turns 21. Foster, once having saved his suicidal girlfriend Lila, takes the threat seriously but fails to simply have Henry taken into custody. Instead, while trying to track his patient down, Sam is gradually drawn into the world of Henry’s obsessions. Written by Preston Adcock”

This film works brilliantly when showing the fine line between reality and a state of mind as it confuses the audience to the point where you feel like you don’t know what is real and what is not and you’re trying to figure it out but the line is too blurred,putting you in the same shoes as Sam (the psychiatrist). Lots of different angles are used and there are lots of image matches which is effective as it blurs reality and state of mind into one. Some parts are not linear which confuses the audience and the images jump as if in the mind of the mentally unstable.
Even the audio manages to blur the two together as even though the distinct no-real voices are distorted, some of the characters say things that don’t make sense at the time. The edits between shots are almost seamless as they are held together by image matches, pans and cross fades. The lighting starts of dark at the beginning mixed with warm orangey colours, and then goes to a blueish tint. In the middle there is a point where the blueish tint and warm colours meet and mix together just those two and the rest of the film is generally quite flat with lots of shadows and a lot of the time the only light parts are the subjects in focus whilst the backgrounds stay dark.
There were also lots of close ups and tight shots within this film even if there were two people, which shows that I need to think seriously about the length of my shots and the tightness of my framing. I also will be taking into consideration the warm vs cold and flat colours as this is what I have taken from every film I have watched so far, and with this film I have been shown that they can mix together as well and not just be separated.


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