FMP: Research – ‘The Fear’ Channel4 360MC

Having spoken to my tutor today about my ideas for the film, he told me to go away and take a look at ‘The Fear’ a new series on Channel 4 that would be on again tonight, and look at the type of shots they use, and editing etc.

‘Peter Mullan stars as Brighton crime boss turned entrepreneur Richie Beckett in Richard Cottan’s powerful four-part drama that chronicles the disintegration of a criminal mind. Former gang boss turned respected businessman, Richie Beckett pledge money to help rebuild a pier. But Richie’s mind is deteriorating, and the other outfit he runs with his sons is under attack by a vicious rival gang.’

Having seen this for the first time I was drawn in instantly, though unfortunately it was the last in the series. However from what I did watch I managed to pick up on;

– The fast paced edits with shots of Richie and what is going on in his head. It was very effective to me as the audience as I got a sense of how quickly things change and how realistic they seem in the mind of someone unstable.

– Blurred shots to show a sense of disorientation and confusion; this could be useful for some of the shots I have in mind.

– Echoed and overlapped audio, showing the break of reality vs the unreal but also the inner voices that some mentally ill people may hear.

– The bright whit lights were effective, as for me they portrayed the battle of feeling stable in the mind but unstable in reality.

– Majority of shots were just of eyes and tight frames of faces, this made me feel very involved and connected to the events and to the characters.

– There were also lots of warm tones as well as washed out tones to separate Richie’s thoughts and reality.

Watching this really helped me as not only did it give me ideas for shots but also how to frame and colour grade them.


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