FMP: Genre – Experimental Narrative Film 360MC

As this is my chosen genre I have delved a little deeper into what it is exactly.

There are many different views on what experimental film and experimental narrative are but to define what experimental narrative film is almost unseen. However, the definition that I think best describes what I will be/trying to do is this;

“Experimental: the maker experiments with the medium, the production process, or the structure of the work, without necessarily knowing what the outcome will be. For example, the artist might try processing the film using the wrong chemistry, shooting the film through a rainy wind-shield, editing the story in a way that subverts the narrative, etc.”

With regards to my production process, and structure of the work I will be setting a beginning and end piece of audio and the rest that follows a linear structure will be mixed up and put in different places, to create a story that chops and changes possibly without making sense just like of a mind of a mentally unstable person. As for the images they too may not make sense put together with the audio as they won’t be intended to match but to be able to tell the story themselves, meaning that the audio and visuals can be separate experimental pieces, that may or may not work together or create any chemistry.

My work could also be described as ‘Underground’ as when researching for a definition of experimental narrative film, I found a host of “Alternative Cinema” definitions;

“Underground: Also work that is made outside any commercial system; usually connotes something subversive, or something that would make mainstream audiences uncomfortable. This term came about in the 1960’s, where many film venues showed clandestine works that were at odds with censorship or other laws.”

Despite being able to find a definition for experimental narrative film I have found that experimental film definitions are what best describe my work and that I may just be creating this genre in my head or perhaps putting two genres together. The reason I say this is because if you pull my film apart my original audio has a narrative and so do the visuals but when put through production and put together there won’t be such a clear narrative, if any at all.

“The term describes a range of film making styles that are generally quite different from, and often opposed to, the practices of mainstream commercial and documentary film making. While “experimental” covers a wide range of practice, an experimental film is often characterized by the absence of linear narrative, the use of various abstracting techniques—out-of-focus, painting or scratching on film, rapid editing—the use of asynchronous (non-diegetic) sound or even the absence of any sound track. The goal is often to place the viewer in a more active and more thoughtful relationship to the film.
Most such films are made on very low budgets, self-financed or financed through small grants, with a minimal crew or, often a crew of only one person, the film maker.”

I have also joined the experimental narrative group on Vimeo and taken a look at some of the work that has and is being made at the moment.

“Experimental films are not imprisoned by story structure, character arc, or common sense.”


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