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”Malcolm Rivers has been convicted as the perpetrator of several murders and is sentenced to death. An eleventh hour defence by his lawyers and psychiatrist that Malcolm is insane based on new evidence has resulted in them meeting with the prosecutors and the judge to discuss if the verdict should be overturned. Meanwhile, on a dark night during a torrential rainstorm in the Nevada desert, a series of chain reaction events results in several people needing to stay at an out of the way motel managed by Larry. They are: ex-cop now limo driver Ed, and his client Caroline, a diva of a once famous actress; quiet adolescent Timmy, his stepfather George, and his mother Alice, who was seriously injured when Ed accidentally ran over her as she watched George change their flat tire; prostitute Paris, who was the unwitting cause of George’s flat tire; newlyweds Lou and Ginny, whose marriage is based on a lie; and Police Officer Rhodes, who was en route escorting prisoner Robert to his new institution. They all can’t leave the area because of washed out roads, all the other businesses around the motel are closed because of the storm, and all communication in and out is not functioning also because of the storm. One by one, they are murdered, the murderer leaving a calling card of a motel room key, starting with the room 10 key and working his way presumably to the room 1 key when the last person will be dead. Those still alive band somewhat together under Officer Rhodes and Ed’s direction to find out which of the eleven is the murderer, and if, based on one of their theories, that they were brought to the motel by some force by the murderer as his intended targets. Whether those still alive can discover who the murderer is, discover why he has chosen to kill them, and be able to subdue him may well determine Malcolm’s fate. Written by Huggo” 

This is another film associated with mental health, which again I watched for framing, lighting and techniques. In this film there were lots of focus pulls, in fact there was one within the first 4 minutes in order to shift the focus onto another subject which kept anything out of focus as irrelevant. As it is a psycho thriller there were lots of quick pans, tracking shots and close ups in order to for the audience to follow the storyline closer than usual and to build and keep the intensity of the situation. There are no over the head shots which I think were replaced by the camera becoming the eyes of certain characters, to put the audience in their shoes. In order to make you feel more like you’re apart of the story, there are various shots where the camera is low down and looks up at an angle, making the viewer too feel as if they are a victim. Also the only long shots that are integrated are purely for location establishment, to show how stranded they really are.

The lighting in this film is brilliant as it is very dark for the majority of it, however, it does contain white and greenish fluorescent lighting which gives it that eerie horror/nightmare effect. The lighting also differs between the horror/nightmare lighting and the reality of Malcom Rivers being strapped in a chair whilst his psychiatrist pleads his case in front of a board; where the lighting is much warmer and inviting, pulling you in to connect with the whole storyline.

From watching this I have a better sense of how I want to light my film and how I would want to colour grade it in the post production stages. I will continue to watch more films based around mental health in order to generate more ideas and techniques I could use.


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