FMP: Progress 1 360MC

From having spoken to my individual tutor I was told I have a solid idea to focus on and take further, and so we spoke about what the next step were for me to develop my idea.

These were to:

*Watch the film ‘The Arbor’ by Andrea Dunbar as I mentioned I might want to use my friend’s voice as it will have more emotion and feeling to it as it is her story after all and she should get the chance to tell it.

*Get a good voice recording of us talking about her story and her feelings at the time, but to not restrict the recording to the re-feeling of the story but other talks about her life, interests etc.

*Research into playwrite and theatre director Brecht as ‘he believes that the audience should be made not to feel, but to think.’ and my film is not a re-telling of the story but a re-feeling of the story, revisiting a period of time where feelings and emotions where high and erupted out of  nowhere. I want the audience to be aware that it could happen to anyone they know or even to them and it is more common than thought.

*Think about whether I want my voice to be heard as it is something I witnessed first hand and a story I have connection to.

*What is normality? Research this. Think about how I could get my audience to think about what is normal to them and how they perceive others to be normal.

I will be going home next weekend for a break, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to meet with my friend and record our casual conversations and our conversations of that period of time. I can then decide from there how and if  I want to use that material.


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