360MC Memory Artefact Idea

Today after having our memory lecture I went away and thought about what I wanted to do, this time I want to do something fun and light hearted as memory can be taken quite seriously and I think most people will do something deep and meaning full, and because my other two artefacts have been a little more on the serious side.

I thought about something that was said in the lecture;

*Memory is completely and utterly flawed.
*It is not and never has been reliable.
*No matter how good you feel your memory is..…..it isn’t.

This appealed to me as when I speak to my sister I can always remember things that she can’t but sometimes when others talk to me about a memory I can’t remember it despite exclaiming that I have a really good distinctive memory! This led me to my idea, as we briefly mentioned the ‘Generation Game’ hosted by Bruce Forsyth where in the last part of the show you had a conveyor belt of items which if the contestant remembered they got to keep it.

My idea is based upon this as I know many people will claim that their memory is really good, but how will they perform under pressure? They will be two groups one group will have a long period of time to look at the items and the the other group will have a shorter period of time, and both groups will have the same time in which to name the items. I also want to add the element of spectacle and power within this artefact and so the power I propose will be the power of  ‘want/self gratification’ so there will be a prize for the contestant should they remember all the items within the time period given. The spectacle I propose will be one item in which every contestant will remember, as it will either be whacky or well known just like the cuddly toy from the ‘Generation Game’.

In my artefact I will show a host of  people trying to remember the items and how the added pressure of time can affect your memory.

I will have 8 competitors, and the only prize available will be the end prize should they be able to name all of the items, and if there is more than one person who manages this then it will be whoever remembered all items in the quickest time. They will like the on the show, have 40 seconds to look at the items before they are covered up and then a further 40 seconds in which they will attempt to recall all items.

As there are no obstructions for this artefact, however, you are allowed to create your own I have created an obstacle where I have to have three theories behind my piece one for each theme (spectacle, power and memory).

I will be researching the generation game and into theories of memory, spectacle,and power I will also be thinking about the items I want to use and a prize that will be tempting enough to force people to take on the challenge.


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