360MC Spectacle Artefact Research


‘When we look at Spectacle we think of things that people watch rather than take part, but what if we did take part, what if we were the spectacle? This exact question has triggered my idea for my Spectacle artefact, be it to look at the spectacle of time and transformation over time, in particular the ever famous company Apple and how it has evolved and transformed over time.’

As my idea is based around the development and transformation of Apple over time I have first looked at the Guy Debord passages from which I took inspiration from:


‘Pseudo­-cyclical time is a time transformed by industry. The time founded on commodity production
is itself a consumable commodity, recombining everything which, during the period of the old
unitary society’s disintegration, had become distinct: private life, economic life, political life. The
entirety of the consumable time of modern society ends up being treated as raw material for the
production of a diversity of new products to be put on the market as socially controlled uses of time.
“A product, though ready for immediate consumption, may nevertheless serve as raw material for a
further product” ( Capital).’

*The sentence I found most inspirational was ‘The entirety of the consumable time of modern society ends up being treated as raw material for the production of a diversity of new products to be put on the market as socially controlled uses of time.’ as Apple are constantly inventing a product and then building upon it, each time bringing out newer versions and they are  all on the market as ‘socially controlled uses of time’. The extent to which you can entertain yourself on one product is beyond imagination, for example take the iPhone, you use it as a normal phone making calls, texting, but then you have your music, games, social and many more applications and even a personal servant with voice command Siri. You can spend hours in a public place or at home surrounded by people and yet we choose to immerse ourselves into the world of Apple, however, you can use these products to be social when you want to, sharing videos, pictures and social networking.


‘Innovation is ever present in the process of the production of things. This is not true of
consumption, which is never anything but more of the same. Because dead labour continues to
dominate living labour, in spectacular time the past continues to dominate the present.’

*Why is it that people buy anything Apple and when a new version comes out they feel the need to buy that too even if they have only bought the version before 6 months prior? ‘Consumption is never anything but more of the same.’ I have chosen a friend of mine to help me with my idea particularly because he is one these Apple consumers and anything new from Apple be it a new product or an update he will buy even if there is minor changes.


‘In contrast to the passing fashions that clash and fuse on the frivolous surface of a contemplated
pseudo-cyclical time, the grand style of our era can ever be recognized in whatever is governed by
the obvious yet carefully concealed necessity for revolution.’

*The style of our era is to have anything that is new and up to date ‘in fashion’it is fashionable to have the latest products, brands, styles so that you feel accepted in society or to be the cool one a few steps ahead of everyone else. The last line has Apple written all over it as each time they bring out a new product it is kept top secret and all meetings are under the radar, so that when it is brought out there is a massive uproar and demand for the product.

I have also done some research into Apple as a company:

-There were in fact three founders not two; Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Ronald Gerald Wayne who left before Apple became big in the public eye.

-Steve Jobs left Apple after creating the Macintosh and returns after Apple Quicktake camera product, this is when employees began to rise again after being decreased, the log changes at this point almost as if Apple reinvents it’self and the iMac is created shortly after.

-The logo has changed four times since Apple was founded now a dramatic change from the original.

I also looked at the products they have made since being Apple Computers and timelines of products from the following websites:







This was very interesting for me as I had never known how Apple started or that they did all these other products. I think I have  chosen a good subject as I have learnt about something that is very much a current spectacle as Apple are watched closely by the public eye wondering what other spectacular products they can come up with, will they ever top themselves?

I have also looked ad some of the best Apple adverts made to get an idea of how to transform my futuristic product into a parody Apple promo, noticing that many of them are based on a white background this is something I will take into consideration, when filming.

I also have taken inspiration from the following videos:

This one because I like the idea of the transformation being created just by the hands and shows a mystical side of who is behind the creating and transformations…

…and this one because of it’s simplistic nature, but still managing to get the message across clearly.

When looking at these adverts I also noted the type of music/sound they use and will have to find something similar to match my piece in order for it to be entertaining not only to the eye but also to the ear. I will be looking at websites such as  freesound, souncloud, and danosongs for sources of license free music.


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