305MC – Spectacle – Task 2

For this weeks take away task, we had to think about the summer riots of 2011 answering whether we think it was a spectacle or whether it was in opposition to spectacle, and then create a script between two people where one person is arguing for the riots and the other is arguing against.

Here’s what we came up with:

Were the summer riots a spectacle or were they in opposition too the spectacle?


It didn’t start out as a spectacle. Bit the media made it a spectacle, they emphasised/escalated the matter and others saw that and used it as an excuse to do the same.


Spectacle is highly memorable and lodges in the brain.


A spectacle is something you watch not take part in, while you are watching you are passive, however, people watched the riots and then took part, and therefore were not passive.


Script For the Summer Riots. Gov.  – Against Dove


Gov: The riots started out as a protest against police treatment towards Mark Duggan, opening fire against him whilst getting out the taxi innocently.


Dove: He was hardly innocent, he was under investigation for gun crime and had a loaded gun in his possession at the time.


Gov: The gun he was carrying wasn’t fired in any attempt at the police, it was blatantly a cover by the police in saying so, because the bullet found lodged in the policeman’s radio was in actual fact from a fellow policeman’s gun.


Dove: The police have a right to open fire on anyone who they believe is a danger to society.


Gov: They shot him because he was black and he was carrying a gun.


Dove: Why was he carrying a gun in the first place? This just shows that he was going to cause disruption to others.


Gov: When you live in certain areas of London certain personal precautions are essential.


Dove: The police are there to protect you and there is no reason for people to carry weapons unnecessarily. The police did what they are trained to do and what they thought was right.


Gov: Like you said the police have a right to take someone down, but they actually shot him dead whilst he was lying on the floor from the first shot. They had no right to take his life, when they had already taken him down.


Dove: Why does something like this need to spark riots across the country? Most people don’t know who Mark Duggan was or what the reasoning behind the whole riot process was.


Gov: It was firstly to highlight that this was a racial attack from the police, he hadn’t actually done anything wrong at this point in time, hence the reason why they was a big uproar.


Dove: There is no reason why a situation like this should cause people to carry out criminal damage, such as burning cars, looting, destroying shops.


Gov: If it didn’t turn into the spectacle that it was, no one would have known who Mark Duggan was or what the police did.


Dove: Everyone’s been a victim of the riots even those who didn’t take part and looking back at it no one has benefited from any of it have they? It’s all now been swept under the carpet, and it hasn’t been in the public eye since March when the official inquiry into the riots submitted its final report.


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