305MC – Spectacle Lecture – Task 1

Identify one contemporary spectacle and answer the following questions and present in a spectacular way:

*Contemporary Spectacle

– Gordon Brown calling the woman a “bigot”

*Who provides it?

– Gordon Brown the individual and Sky news as the institution.

*Who consumes it?

– Political follows and people who watch the news

*Who are they not looking at? E.g who are they hiding it from?

– They are not looking at the fact that Sky news left the micro phone on, and no one telling Gordon Brown it is still on him. What are the chances that they are still recording.

*What are they distracting people from looking at?

– David Cameron and Nick Clegg and their false promises (opposing political parties)

*What happens if they weren’t distracted from that mechanism?

– Labour would of been most likely to win.

*What might we do to stop them looking at the spectacle and look at reality instead?

– The fact that he called the woman a bigot shows he is still human.

*Is that a good thing to do? What is good or bad about that?

– It is a good thing because the public can relate to Gordon Brown in the sense that everyone has their own opinion about someone and don’t expect to be heard.

– The bad thing is that something that is normal and is reality gets over exaggerated.

We had the video clip of Brown on mute in the background, and chose to do a re-enactment of the Brown incident but twist it to make it look like a set up in order to get our point across. So after the conversation with the ‘bigoted woman’ we had one person as Sky News to tell Brown’s P.A to make sure he keeps his microphone turned on. Then at the end two of us pretended to be news reporters and said ‘This is BBC reporting, we are middle class conservatives, and this report benefits us’ in order to show that the news is full of middle class conservatives and therefore the choice to air this ‘mishap’ was not given a second thought.


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