305MC – Memory – Task 2

Seminar Question:
Choose one of the following social institutions :
The state
The monarchy
The family
The military

How is your chosen institution reproduced through social memory?

Focus upon at least 2 ceremonies or rituals and 2 forms in which social memory is embodied in the human body.

To begin with we decided what social institution we would look at, after a short discussion about the possibilities within each institution we decided to choose education.

We begun the task by breaking down the education system into the different rituals and ceremonies that are involved within it, here are some of the vast amount of ceremonies/rituals within the education system:

End of term
Sports day
Easter harvest
First day at school
First girlfriend/boyfriend
School plays
School trips
Summer fete
Non uniform day
Results day

The educational institution can be reproduced through social memory because everyone you know or meet would have gone through these same experiences in their life thus giving everyone a common social ground.  Also, school and education slowly nurtures you and your personality for the experience and challenged that life throws at you, for example; a job interview,  meeting new friends based upon the social skills learnt previously at school.

School and education essentially moulds the person that you will become in the future, mainly dependant on your friends and social circles as these will help forms who you are and question and shape your morals that you live by.

Quotes and theories our research is based upon

“You can not teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself” Galileo.

“The object of teaching a child is to enable him to get along without a teacher” Elbert hulbard

“We never know which lives we influence or when or why” Stephen king

“I never teach my pupils I only intend to provide the conditions they can learn” Albert Einstein

Ceremony 1 : First day of School

The first day at School, whether it be primary, secondary or university always sparks the same emotions, it makes you feel nervous/anxious for the prospect to come and the new people that you’ll meet.

That same feeling can be applied to many events after education, for example at a party or the start of a new job, the emotions and processes you go through when meeting new people can be drawn back from the time of when you were in school and applied for the situation.

Ceremony 2 : Graduation/End of exams

Graduation/End of exams is a huge part of everyones life, it is the part of life where you have grown up and finished that chapter. Its as if we entered that institution as a blank canvas and we are leaving as a big picture filled with memories and knowledge.


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