360MC Power Lecture

Today was the first proper lecture of the year introducing to one of our themes and what an impact it created, kicking off with power. As one of our tasks is to create an artefact around power the first and most essential thing is to research, in order to develop a point of view and gain more of an understanding and give purpose to our work that we create.

We looked at a lot of videos as examples of power and the constraints it has over people especially when an authoritative figure is in place. This to me was still shocking to see despite knowing how we are all controlled through the media and government, conspiracy theory or not I do believe that everything happens for a reason and each has it’s own purpose. As Christians we believe that God made the world and everything had it’s place and purpose and so why would one believe anything different especially in a man made world built through greed. Man built weapons and drugs etc so we ask, did they know wars were going to occur? Were they planned? Did they know people would die or was this a population restriction or way to fear monger, split communities and exert power among us?

After watching the little clips in the lecture I carried on watching some of them in full and looking at other things around them. I was particularly shocked when watching the Milgram experiment clip how reluctant people were to follow through with questioning the authoritative figure there, and the few that did eventually make a stand didn’t question the figure as such but felt morally compromised. Why do we not question those in power? What gives them the right to have power over us? Like the Lottery birth clip, we are basically born into a world already designed and therefore made to conform. I see this like a packet of biscuits, the packaging and destination is already set all that is to be done is to fill the packet, the conformity being that each one must look and taste the same.

Even the film trailer for ‘Compliance 2012’ was shocking, trying to grasp the extent at which people will go to in order to conform or comply with a so called ‘authoritative’ figure. What’s worse is that when I looked at a different clip, yes they were shocked but somehow ended up laughing about how conformed we as humans are. It’s no laughing matter of course but most of us will shrug it off because we think well what can we do that will make a difference in a world that is already set in it’s ways?

The video that had the biggest impact on me was the ‘Who gets the best jobs?’ I have watched this in full and think it’s terrible that our society is still conformed by it’s past, everyone should be able to have equal opportunities and no matter how industries try to cover it up or make it sound valid, it is about who you know not what you know and about money. Money the greatest power there is! As I am from a traditional middle class family I do not see the perks that others might and I have had to come face to face with this fact when looking for work experience, resulting in me relying upon my brothers contacts he has made throughout his career. This video more than any other has influenced my idea for my power artefact as through the obstructions I want to ask the question does the media favour those who build a career or those who will pay for one, money or otherwise. The split screen will work in my favour as I will be able to contrast the two sides, actions of those who work hard to climb the career ladder or those who simply get it laid on a plate for them. I also plan to draw on the ‘Symmetry’ film style in the way that most of the actions are opposite or oppose each other in some way.


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