Spectacle, Power and Memory

The three main themes we will be concerned with this year are spectacle, power, and memory, and so I have done a little research around these words and their meanings.

S P E C T A C L E,

Has four meanings all very similar as the word is derived from old French and Latin words  meaning ‘to watch’ and ‘to look at’.

1.A spectacle is something that can be seen or viewed, and is especially something of a remarkable or impressive nature, this can be a public performance or display, especially one that is on a large or lavish scale.

2.Spectacle can be a  regrettable public display, in general this could be  a fight, disorderly behaviour or bad behaviour over all.

3. Another way spectacle can be described, is if a strange or interesting object or phenomenon occurs.

4. Finally we have the obvious meaning we all think of, which is spectacle as a lens (spectacles).

To sum up a spectacle is a visual impact, something that has to be seen there and then and not recreated, which is why is breathes life into the word Spectacular.

P O W E R,

When looking at the word power it comes under all sorts of meanings and definitions, the biggest and most common ones we think of are;

1. Power as a strength or force exerted, electrical, physical or mechanical.


2. An authoritative figure, group or nation who have influence over others, good or bad.

We don’t often think of our minds or our abilities and capabilities as power do we?


But when compared to someone or something that is less able or capable they are powers and we ourselves as humans are powerful. Power exists everywhere and in everything.

M E M O R Y,

Memory is an ultimate storage unit that retains information from the past and relevant information for future use, and comes in two forms;

1. The mental faculty of retaining and recalling past experience, the act or an instance of remembering and recollection from the brain. This can be broken down further into short term and long term memory, and furthermore into how you store certain information i.e words but more likely visually.

2. Memory is also concerned with computer data in which a unit preserves and retains data for retrieval. Memory can also be a small chip which holds data and can be transferred. Both can be updated, revised, or erased as desired.

A memory bank is created over time, but it can take just one thing to make or spark a memory. The brain is the most dangerous memory bank as just as it holds amazing memories it can hold just as many bad ones, and unlike data memory it can not be destroyed so easily.

Having looked more closely into these words it has become clear that to each there is more than meets the eye and has taught me more than ever to think outside the box.


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