Being the audience of a studio based tv show.

On the 14th September I went to be a part of an audience for a studio shot television show called ‘My Man Can’ hosted by Melanie Sykes and Mark Wright, which will be released in January.

This a format game show where couples compete for the grand prize of £50,000 and to do this the men must take on some weird and manly challenges to do will strength, skill and stamina. To get to do these challenges their ladies must out bid others on how well she thinks her man can do the challenge, without any consultation or eye contact from her parter.

Just from being in the audience you can tell and see that from start to finish the studio process is very tiring, but the way the crew work is amazing as they have to have relentless energy, whether to do their job or to keep us (the audience) lively. I was really excited to go and see this as I had never set foot in a real life television studio let alone be able to see first hand how it all works, and as television is my primary chosen career path, this experience would all be worth while.

While the recording process was waiting to commence I sat looked at the set and discussed with a fellow media student what we thought, this being that it was an easily built set and looked like something we could put together ourselves at no high expense, however, once recording started and more of the set was revealed we soon realised where the money went. There were high tech gadgets and revolving walls which dismantled at a touch of a button and more money spent on bringing in both extravagant and less extravagant but more imaginative props. Also I’m guessing a lot of their budget went on hiring someone to look after the audience and keeping them entertained whilst there are set changes going on and for us this was Ian Royce, and also merchandise to give away.

As the process went on I tried to focus on other details such as the contestants. In doing so it was obvious that they had researches really pick out the stereotypical people/couples, the ditsy annoying girl who just wants to be on T.V with the boyfriend who goes along with everything to keep her happy, the older comfortable couple, the  well groomed couple, and finally the normal down to earth couple. I saw the power theme come in here as the normal couple I saw as the power couple, the all rounders. Power also came into play when it was placed in the hands of the women, who had to make the decisions this wasn’t much of a surprise as this is the general consensus, that women hold the power in the relationship which I think is the main theme/message of the show.

Also looking at how the crew work was like seeing the light as they were efficient and each knew their role and what they had to do there was no spectacle or big drama, and each and every one of them supported one another through the process.

The only ways I could think of changing the show or making it better would be to have more on screen chemistry and contact between co hosts, having the show’s logo displayed on set somewhere, however, they do say the line ‘my man can’ and they may also add it later in post production, we shall see in January. I also think the challenges could have been a bit more daring and whacky as I don’t see it as a programme that will be commissioned for very long, as there is no long lasting effect, no big twist. Memory and Spectacle at their least effective. Though I do look forward to seeing how it’s all put together and how it looks on screen.



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